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The Craziest Dubstep Dancing You’ll See This Week

Right, so Nonstop (aka Marquese Scott) has been doing dubstep dances for a while, but his latest will make your brain melt. There were several points where I was convinced I was watching editing tricks, and then I’d see the reflection of a car driving past.

These Are Relevant to My Interests

Misty and I have been crazy busy thanks to life and work and kids and everything, so in lieu of actual content, have two videos!

First, what if Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were really a teen coming-of-age comedy?

Second, what if Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were possessed by the Space […]

The Most Disturbing Music Video You’ll See Today

Courtesy of “Weird Al” Yankovic:

For you fans of 30 Rock, does Weird Al in this video remind you of anyone? Like, oh, Paul L’Astnamé?

Terrible Videogame Voice Acting Acted Out

In my discussion of Portal 2, I talked about the game had the best voice acting I’d ever heard in a videogame. Sadly, as this video shows, that’s damning with faint praise.

My favorites are the over-written ones that sound like they should be in the Lyttle Lytton contest. Right now I’m torn between “Hold me […]

Search Your Feelings; You Know It to Be True

A while ago we watched the original Star Wars movie with Eli and Liza. Liza especially was entranced. “There’s Darth Vader!” she said excitedly when he strode onto the rebel ship for the first time. “Listen! He’s breeeeeathing.”

Given her love of DV, I wonder what the future holds for Liza. I’m guessing it’ll be something […]

Two Awesome Things and One Scary Thing

One, a new investment opportunity from Aperture Science. Buy your turrets today!

Two, have you ever wanted to see the StarCraft II cinematic trailer audio married with video from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Of course you have!

Three, I cannot believe this driver lived through this accident without being hurt at all.

Super Awesome Robot Action Sequence Go!

Are you ready to have your skull opened up, your brains scooped out, and your cranial cavity filled with awesome? Then take a look at the following collection of the most awesome action sequences involving a robot ever committed to film.

Those are scenes from Enthiran, a 2010 Tamil SF movie about a robot who, of […]

Remixing Storm Troopers and the Stanford Prison Experiment

This weekend at GMX I met George Willis, who took part in a reality series called The Colony. The conceit is that a group of people must survive a global catastrophe — in this case, a viral outbreak. They dumped ten people in a Louisiana town near New Orleans that had never been rebuilt and […]

Finding Lyrics Everywhere

The Gregory Brothers have made a name for themselves by writing songs whose lyrics come from YouTube videos and then auto-tuning the original speakers to make them effectively sing the song. Their most watched one is undoubtedly the Bed Intruder song, featuring fellow Huntsville resident Antoine Dodson.

Their work is an example of using found lyrics […]

What Do You, The Sparkly Vampire, Choose to Do?

Given my enjoyment of older styles of videogames, is it any wonder that I’m charmed by Twilight redone as an 8-bit JRPG?