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Suburban Fantasy

His roar, even from the garage, shook the walls of the bedroom where I was busily ironing ruffled shirts. The outside door slammed open, adding to the collection of dents in the wall, and Javier Rodriguez de Orbaneja stalked in. I glanced up at him, then away. It’s never a good idea to lock eyes […]

Gus was a friendly ghost

My mom saved a couple of boxes of my children’s books for me to give my kids. They’ve sat in the bottom of Eli’s closet since before there was an Eli. He’s looked through the books off and on a couple of times and has come up with a few gems that he likes to […]

You Should Get Hungry Monkey

Hey, look, we got our friend Matthew Amster-Burton’s new book, “Hungry Monkey”!

Matthew’s a food writer whose daughter, Iris, is about three months older than Eli. His book combines helpful guidance, recipes, and awesomely funny writing while avoiding that strident, chiding tone so common to books that have anything to do with parenting. I’ve seen the […]

Stephen, Now That You’ve Read the Twilight Novels, Can You Sum Them Up In One Sentence?

Vampires and werewolves tell Bella how astoundingly special she is, and Bella in turn faints a lot.

Mind you, I’ve still got a giant chunk of the last novel to go through, and the series as a whole has an OH JOHN RINGO NO vibe that’s only getting worse. We’ll see how I feel at the […]

Solomon Stone is Rad

If you’re like me — and I know you are — then you like things that are awesome. And have I got something awesome for you!

Solomon Stone! He’s a half-vampire private eye who’s also a skateboard champ, and he’s so amazing that he has three fists of justice, and all of them are filled with […]

Book Review: The Trouble with Boys

Peg Tyre’s publisher solicited me to read this book for the site, and I was intrigued enough by the book to say “yes.” I remember being fascinated by the Newsweek article she wrote a few years ago, but it was published while my son was fairly small. I wasn’t thinking about him going to […]

Tobias Buckell Falls Ill

Toby Buckell, one of my favorite new SF authors, is in the hospital for heart problems. He could use your thoughts and prayers.

A Review of Couch, by Benjamin Parzybok

Thom, Erik and Tree have a problem: they have a couch they literally can’t get rid of. After their upstairs neighbor’s waterbed accident floods their Portland apartment and leaves them homeless, the three decide to take a trip. Thom’s an unemployed computer guy, Erik’s a low-rent grifter, and Tree is a commune refugee who doesn’t […]

An Unusual Fit of Cleaning

We’d been talking for a while that we needed to do some cleaning before Christmas. Specifically in Eli’s room so there’s actually room to bring in some new stuff.

So to show him how Mom and Dad can clean up their stuff too, Stephen started pulling books off of bookshelves and chunking them in a […]

The Soundtrack of My Life

I was thinking the other day that I would post my top five favorite songs so then I could get others to post their favorite songs. Then I realized that I couldn’t narrow it down to five, and frankly ten was a bit tough as well, so I decided that I’d just list my favorites […]