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Week 20 of Making Something Every Day

Day 135: Pacific, 12×12.” For Sale: $50.
day 135
My feelings for this piece waxed and waned a lot while I worked on it. At one point I had it in a place I loved and then I took several days off for reasons I can’t remember now and I lost momentum. I ended on a high note thought with the Pacific lettering in the lower right. I love how that turned out and looks.

Day 136: Wider table shot today so you can’t examine the mistake I need to correct as soon as some paint dries. 😉
day 136

Day 137: Many thanks to @gelfling1220 for holding my hand though the last 15 minutes of compositional flailing.
Day 137
This one I’m calling “Weaver & Loom.” It’s 12×12″ and for sale for $50.

Day 138: printing for a book project.
day 138

Day 139: a little crochet after a long, full day.
day 139
This is a triangle shape that was supposed to be a scarf-like object. It turned out so small that Liza immediately claimed it for her use. She wears it on her shoulders and her head or just drags it around the house Linus-like.

Day 140: Finished 8×5.25″ bound booklet of gelli prints and found papers.
day 140
I keep making books and then putting them on the shelf. I love making them but then once they are finished my interest wanes. If anyone needs books for anything, let me know!

Day 141: An ATC to get back in the swing of things.
day 141
I didn’t do any work the 2 days before this. Busy summer days with kids and poor planning on my part. I should be on Day 177 and here I am only on day 141. Somehow over the past 6 months I’ve let a month get away from me. That at once aggravates me and doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve been extremely productive these past 6 months. So there’s that. But at the same time I wish I could claim 177 days. Here’s to renewal, in whatever form you need it.

Week 18 of Making Something Every Day

Day 120: Everything is glued down. Getting close to being finished with this one. “And Indeed There Will Be Time”
day 120

Day 121: Rushed back home from ATL to put the finishing touches on this painting, I think.
day 121

Day 122: Postcard palate cleanser.
day 122

Day 123: 8×10″ new canvas.
day 123

Day 124: looking at collage pieces and adding more paint.
day 124

Day 125: I just am never gonna be tired of rainbows.
day 125

Day 126: finished gloves.
day 126

2014 Weeks 16 & 17 of Making Something Every Day

Day 106: another close up of commissioned piece in working on.
day 106

Day 107: You can always tell when my mom comes to town because we make stuff like this.
day 107

Day 108: Proud to be putting this piece in the mail for @duchess to give to her cousin! I hope they love it!!
day 108

Day 109: Gelli printing with my dog sister. #imadeit #pixlrcontest
day 109

Day 110: Starting a new painting today, 15×30″
day 110

Day 111: loving the blacks and grays on this one.
day 111

Day 112: working on the next layer.
day 112

Day 113: A baby blanket fit for a Time Lord.
day 113

Day 114: Started ANOTHER baby blanket. (Posted a day late.)
day 114

Day 115: Last day in carline (woo-hoo!) project.
day 115

Day 116: Figuring out my next step.
day 116

Day 117: I will NOT be defeated by a change purse pattern and tiny rolls of yarn!
day 117

Day 118: added a layer. (Posted a day late.)
day 118

Day 119: working out the collage elements.
day 119

2014 Weeks 14 & 15 of Making Something Every Day

Day 92: Have declared myself grade A crafting goddess now that my mom-in-law has taught me knitting.
day 92

Day 93: Finished!
day 93

Day 94: Practicing my knitting while watching the weather move through.
day 94

Day 95: never had to use clothes pins in a crochet project before.
day 95

Day 96: work in progress and a glimpse of the many, many desk accessories.
day 96

Day 97: Work in progress, 16×12″.
day 97

Day 98: Finished. The Music in My Head, 16×12″.
day 98

Day 99: side beni of having the gelli plate down low: art day with Liza!
day 99

Day 100: Found a craft Eli likes to do! A bit of pre-church stamping.
day 100

Day 101: Decide what to be. Go be it. Mini art journal.
day 101

Day 102: Grape Ape construction for Liza’s birthday!
day 102

Day 103: The beginnings of something.
day 103

Day 104: Birthday monkey assemblage happening next!
day 104

Dau 105: Close up of commissioned piece I’m working on.
day 105

2014 Weeks 12 & 13 of Making Something Every Day

Day 78: Coping with ALL THE ANGSTY FEELS today so slinging paint seemed like a fine idea.
day 78

Day 79: Another chance to play name that art.
day 79

Day 80: Some fish in progress on a 12×16′ canvas.
day 80

Day 81: Made a bit of progress on the fish.
day 81

Day 82: I might be done with this one. S Fish.
day 82
It ended up being called “fisheS.”

Day 83: Cut down a HUGE stack of gelli prints to use as postcards.
day 83

Day 84: I colored on some postcards today! Finished one (bottom middle, purple one).
day 84

Day 85: Cigar boxes for crafting. Imagine me rubbing my hands together in glee.
day 85

Day 86: brown and black postcard.
day 86

Day 87: This bundle of joy baby blanket is almost ready for @teamwinks’ new wee one.
day 87

Day 88: today’s progress on the baby blanket.
day 88

Day 89: Egg dying counts as daily art, right?
day 89

Day 90: imperfection postcard.
day 90

Day 91: Sitting in a porch swing, listening to the rain and the birds, working on the boarder of the baby blanket.
day 91

2014 Weeks 10 & 11 of Making Something Every Day

Day 64: 12×12″ collage painting I’ve been working on this week. I think I’m calling it ‘No Words.’
day 64

Day 65: In progress 8×10″ canvases.
day 65

Day 66: Working on Captain USA.
day 66

Day 67: 8×10″ – Have an idea for what to call it but I’m entertaining suggestions if you’d like to contribute.
day 67
FYI: It got called “Bingo Starr.”

Day 68: a little embarrassed at how long this postcard took to put together.
day 68

Day 69: Working on @allyblogsworld’s Captain USA amigurumi. Tiny removable boots. Best. Thing. Ever.
day 69

Day 70: trying to salvage the black and red painting.
day 70

Day 71: What a difference a day makes!
day 71

Day 72: About 7 short rows from being finished with this groovy shawl.
day 72

Day 73: Expect Miracles.
day 73

Day 74: Aquaman joins the team.
day 74

Day 75: Working on two 8×10″ canvases. It’s still too early to tell what they will be.
day 75

Day 75b: I couldn’t stand to NOT work on this one today. Thinking about a title. Suggestions?
day 75b

Day 76: There’s just something magical about taking what is basically string and making a sweater out of it.
day 76

Day 77: My newest hobby, the drop spindle.
day 77

2014 Weeks 8 & 9 of Making Something Every Day

Day 50: another page in my little book.
day 50

Day 51: emergency shawl for a friend of a friend. (Posted a day late.)
day 51

Day 52: Middle spread in the little water book. 2 more pages and I’ll be finished.
day 52

Day 53: Worked on design for the @GlobalWomenGo registration packet all day today, no photos though.

Day 54: The art of the Venn Diagram poster.
day 54

Day 55: My kitchen wall got a makeover today!
day 55

Day 56: Shawl finished for a friend to give to her grieving friend.
day 56

Day 57: last 2 pages of the water book completed.
day 57

Can’t Count! No Day 58!

Day 59: Wonder postcard.
day 59

Day 60: Loxley collage in progress.
day 60

Day 61: Emergency Teddy Bear surgery before I leave for St. Louis.
day 61

Day 62: Art day with @Obajoo!
day 62

Day 62 update: 2 finished postcards and 2 partials.
day 62b

Day 63: “Keep choosing joy every day” postcard.
day 63

2014 Weeks 6 & 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 36: Working in carline.
day 36

Day 37: working on a new book that’s all my own stuff. So much fun.
day 37

Day 38: reading a friend’s book and have all these interesting images floating around in my head.
day 38

Day 39: best of the prints I made today.
day 39

Day 40: Finished the Oswin shawl. Unblocked on the left. Blocked on the right.
day 40

Day 41: Look! The project I’m about to start is in my favorite colors!
day 41

Day 42: Added some things in my new book including the butterfly that Liza told me to “Put in your book, Mom!”
day 42

Day 43: parts for a bigger project.
day 43

Day 44: Cut out bottles and checking out antiquing inks.
day 44

Day 45: Today’s printing mess.
day 45

Day 46: Did some paper sorting for a new project.
day 46

Day 47: Making a little Water Glass book.
day 47

Day 48: first page of tiny water book.
day 48

Day 49: page inside the water book.
day 49

2014 Week 1 of Making Something Every Day

I’m so excited to start a new year of Making Something Every Day! Here’s the first week of work:

Day 1: Embrace Imperfection Ganesha postcard.
day 1
I love the idea of Ganesha, Mover of Obstacles. Also, I live in Alabama, so it’s kinda hard to get away from the houndstooth elephant. HE. IS. EVERYWHERE.

Day 2: notes for a new piece.
day 2
I mentioned this poem “Why I am not a painter” in one of my posts last year. It occurred to me on the drive home from Arkansas, that in all the years I’ve loved that poem I’ve never looked up the painting. Mike Goldberg is an abstract expressionist. I should have known. I’ve been obsessed with the abstract expressionist movement since before I even knew what abstract expressionism was. It is a style that has always spoken to something deep in my soul. I don’t know if it’s about the freedom or the wildness but all that color and all those big, bold stokes energize me. I’ve never been tied to art having a particular meaning. It doesn’t have to be a picture “of” something. If it evokes a feeling, even a negative one, then it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. I was so excited to see “Sardines” for the first time, I immediately wanted to do something based on it and the poem. Still thinking about what, but it will probably be one of my big four for the year.

Day 3: got some new storage & supplies for my work table. Got it all organized so I can work, work, work!
day 3
I’m slowly getting my workspace streamlined. I’s a battle between what I want to have in that space and what I need to have in that space.

Day 4: Doodle time with Liza.
day 4
I got a copy of “Art, Doodle, Love” from my mom for Christmas. It’s a beautiful journal. I was making this doodle one night before I put Liza to bed. When she came in and saw it, she immediately got one of her new journals she got for Christmas and started making some of the same marks. It was a good moment between us.

Day 5: Forget-Me-Not Postcard. (Bought a box of postcards to alter. First of many altered cards this year.)
day 5
I’m already enjoying the snot out of this box of postcards. It’s so fun to mess them up!

Day 6: Massive postcard painting.
day 6
Did I mention how fun it is to mess up the printed perfection of these little dudes?

Day 7: 2 postcards. (Bonus points to the person who gets the one on the right.)
day 7
Yeah, it’s a Doctor Who quote. I thought the Roses were too good a theme to pass up.

Except that implies – in this big grand scheme of Gods and Devils – that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi gods and would-be gods – out of all that – out of that whole pantheon – if I believe in one thing… just one thing… I believe in her.

So there’s the first week! Looking forward to the next! 🙂

Week 43 of Making Something Every Day

Day 294: Working on a new baby blanket. (Posted a day late.)
day 294

Day 295: larger version of piece from my tiny art journal.
day 295

Day 296: Car crochet!
day 296

Day 297: Finished the baby blanket!
day 297

Day 298: Made a sweater for my dog sister.
day 298

Day 299: Painting with Liza’s new art supplies.
day 299

Day 300: hat.
day 300

Day 301: Finished hat!!
Day 301

Day 302: beginnings of a new cowl. (Posted a day late.)
day 302

Day 303: Oversize postcard.
day 303

And that’s it! The 303 days I made art in 2013. Now, on to 2014!