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Playing in the bathtub

Wednesday morning I discovered the ultimate Liza distraction tool. I stuck her in the bathtub in our bathroom while I was getting ready.

This tub is known around our house as “the big bathtub” because it’s nearly twice the size of the tub in the kid’s bathroom. Liza doesn’t get in the big tub much […]

Thanksgiving Photos

Our trip to the beach.

Stay tuned! I might accidentally post something else next week.

The Soundtrack of My Life

I was thinking the other day that I would post my top five favorite songs so then I could get others to post their favorite songs. Then I realized that I couldn’t narrow it down to five, and frankly ten was a bit tough as well, so I decided that I’d just list my favorites […]

A Fun Saturday

We were full of the busy yesterday and I managed to get photos of big chunks of it.

First thing was playing with the doll house:

Click the photo to see more pictures.

In the afternoon we were off to hang out with our friends at Hallie and Remy’s house. I made all the girls t-shirts that […]

Kat’s Visit

Wonder what we did while Kat was visiting last week? Here’s her photos of the trip.

Click on the photo to see all of Kat’s photos from her visit to Huntsville.

We had an awesome time with Kat here while Stephen was gone to Dragon*Con. Thursday, after I had dropped off Kat at her parent’s house and […]

No Room In Your Bag

We’ve been Groovlily fans for a while now. Stephen and Brendan became friends over the internet eight or ten years ago and we were fortunate enough to get to see the band play live while we lived in North Carolina. (Brendan playing keyboards, dancing around minus his shoes = the awesomest!)

I was doing some errands […]

The Fantastic Adventures of Kreeli and Bliza

We were outside at the playset one afternoon this past week and Eli requested I tell him a story. He’s always making up stories so I guess he decided he needed a break from all the work and wanted to hear someone else’s made up stuff.

I might be crafty with a glue gun and paper […]

Outside, Today with a Cutesicle

This afternoon we headed outside for popsicles and swinging.

Eli had to show Kat some Jedi moves. Jedi moves involve him jumping from the step while swinging his lightsaber wildly.

Here’s Liza producing some Spielberg brand looking or maybe it’s Bono serious gazing, hard to tell.

He was in heaven this afternoon since Kat and I could […]

“Misty Says, ‘Woo!'”

When we were in college, Stephen took me to see Pink Floyd in concert. This is standard mating ritual for the nerd set.

He loaded eight of us into his parent’s Suburban and we drove the five hours to Texas Stadium in Dallas to see the show. Sounds like a great college road trip, huh?

Except […]

KC and the Granade Clan

This past week has been c-r-a-z-y! We went to Kansas City to visit Andrew and Joy and we had a great time! Eli and Sam played nonstop from the moment they woke in the mornings until we carted their tired butts to bed. I hatched evil plans to send Eli to Kansas City by himself […]