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Nepal 2013

Swayambhu, or in English, The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu.

As most of you remember, I went to Pokhara, Nepal in December last year to help train women as sewing instructors. I’m so excited to be getting to go back this year!

I’ll be leaving in just a few short weeks to start the nearly 30 hours […]

Week 9 of Making Something Every day

Day 57: Mixing it up a bit! Playing with yarn.

This yarn winding session turned into a full scale stash reorganization. I loved it! It also made me want to ditch the art stuff and play with yarn exclusively for a while.

Day 58: Started a set of rainbow inchies. Yes, that’s a technical artist term.

Day 59: […]

From Kansas City to Geek Media Expo Vol. 3

We’ve been going from pillar to post the last few weeks. The bulk of our time was taken up preparing for and then taking a trip to Kansas City to see my brother and his family. Eli and Liza were very excited to see their cousins. The four of them immediately formed a band and […]

U2 in Nashville

The first time I heard U2 was 1986. A friend let me borrow “The Unforgettable Fire” on cassette tape. I fell in love with “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and was pretty much hooked.

This is my view from the 27th row last night:

The show was UN. BELIEV. ABLE.

It was made better by getting to […]

UK Photos

I finally got my photos from our trip uploaded! If you want to see some of Kat and Sean’s photos click here.

What I Learned in the UK About Multinational Corporations

Hello Kitty followed me from Japan.

What I Learned in the UK About the Military

They play their best music while running away.

Thanksgiving 2009 Photos

These photos looks like we lived at the beach this year. That’s not far off the mark, actually.

Birthday Week was a WIN! Do I have to wait a year for another?

There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of my trip to Atlanta to see U2 and visit with friends. The show was full of awesome. A friend of a friend said that Bono was the best worship leader that she’d ever had and I’ll have to second that. I think the show was […]

What I’m Doing at Dragon*Con 2009

Because you are all desperate to know what I’m doing at all times, here are the talks I’m scheduled to give at the Dragon*Con SFF convention this weekend. If you stop by any of the panels, come say hi!

Creating Dragon*Con TV
Friday 4:00 PM, Hilton room 204
Join the folks who write, and produce Dragon*Con TV; now […]