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If you’ve ever wondered what I do while I stitch…

…wonder no more:

Stephen, Can You Sum Up Your Half Day in San Francisco in Four Sentences?

The Golden Gate Bridge was gusty.

Fisherman’s Wharf was fishy.

Lombard Street was twisty.

Coit Tower was phallic-y.

Recent Trip to Arkansas

We had an unexpected trip to Arkansas this past week due to a death in the family (that’s for a later post), and while we were there Eli and Liza discovered the joys of ponies and make up. Luckily for me it wasn’t all at the same time.

Click on the pony for more photos.

Click on […]

Thanksgiving Photos

Our trip to the beach.

Stay tuned! I might accidentally post something else next week.

What I Learned in Japan About Parking Your Bike

The English translation on signs does not necessarily tell the whole story.

What I Learned in Japan About Drinking Coffee

Drink Boss Coffee, or Tommy Lee Jones will cut you.

What I Learned in Japan About Bathing

Bubbling is preeminent.

What I Learned in Japan About Makeup

Hello Kitty wants you to be pretty.

What I Learned in Japan About Fruits

Fruits has power.

Things I Learned in Japan About Being Blind

The large towns in Japan are very blind-friendly.