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One project finished

Where's his cat?

I started this small project before I began work on the lighthouses. Since then, I’ve only worked on this when we traveled. It’s been a great one to work on in the car. This past craft night, we had a full house so instead of cramping everyone else’s style with my large frame for the lighthouses I finished this for Stephen. Do you think he’ll be surprised?

Schrödinger’s pattern came from Greta at Larripin Labs.

Photo Catch Up

There were 3 in the bed and the little one said...
This is how Megan and I keep our kids out of trouble. See how it works?

May's Birthday
From our weekend at the lake in Arkansas. You can imagine the kind of birthday May had with all her grandchildren in one spot.

Noah, Liza, Sam, and Eli
The obligatory grandchildren on a brown couch photo. As Andrew said, “Everywhere we go, there are brown leather couches.”

The only time Eli and Liza agree.
See? More brown couches. This time with the optional box attachment.

Liza and Eli's favorite toy: ¡Tim!
I don’t know why we’ve never gotten a photo with the kids and ¡Tim! so here’s one for the record books.

A break from Dad Jungle Gym
This photo cracks me up. Everyone is doing exactly what they do best in this photo.

First Day of School
Finally, Eli’s first day of school. I can’t wait for him to get home and tell me all about it.

Here, Have some Cute!

A week or so ago we went to a bluegrass music festival here in town. We ended up leaving early because the kids were crazed but the pictures I snatched before we left look like we are having an awesome time.
Her name is Liza and she likes to DANCE!

His name is Eli and he likes to MUG!

Brotherly Love
The best photo of Will and Luke I’ve taken by like 1000%.

The rays of cuteness will actually cure some minor ailments.

The smirk is how you know he's thinking of something clever.

Eli's real smile.

Thursday I had Emily for a few hours because of swine flu school closings. The girls had a blast.
Don't get in their way when they are working.

Friday we were making up anything we could to fill up a few hours.
Puppet show without the puppets.

Did I mention that by Saturday we’d run out of things to do inside the house?
Where we store our kids.
Yes, Eli’s toes are painted blue. He wanted to and hey, at least I used a boy color.

My Latest Hobby: Artist Trading Cards

As you know by now, I get on these wild crafting jags where I make one particular thing until I’m exhausted or until the next shiny thing catches my eye.

Artist Trading Cards are the latest big thing on my desk. The only two rules for ATCs are that they must be 2.5″x3.5″ or smaller and you must trade them. (If you sell them they are called ACEOs–Art Cards, Editions and Originals.)

Japanese Paper ATCs
Click on the swinging onions to see all of the ATCs I’ve made recently.

I’ve been working on a variety of cards as ideas have crossed my mind. I finally took a break though because I had a bunch and wanted to photograph them before I started trading. Getting my camera to do exactly what I wanted took some actual thought but I’m glad I took the time because I learned some new things about the camera and then learned some more about how to edit the photos.

I’ve got a bunch more ideas in my head and I’ve bought a bunch of supplies, so I guess I haven’t exhausted the topic yet. I’ll post more photos as I get them done. Now off to get ready for Craft Night tonight!

Cute Photos for a Monday

See? I do still remember how to post! We’ve had the stomach bug and now we’ve progressed on to the head cold bug. But never fear there are still cute photos of the kids to fill in the gaps between my actual posts.

Liza and the giant bear rocking on Wendel the Worm.
This is what Liza does in the morning.

Liza with shoes and backpack.
This is how Liza watches TV.

Smiley Rings for Easter.
Eli’s Easter Haul.

Lately (In Pictures)

Liza has discovered dress up:
Snow White
Harvest Girl

and dancing on Daddy’s feet:
Stephen, sans head, and Liza dancing one morning before work.

and strawberry bread:
The best thing since...well, you know.

and the fact that big brother is the best thing since the strawberry bread.
A rare moment of togetherness.

Eli has discovered if he helps cook he gets first dibs on licking cake batter:
Slightly posed but still awesome.

and sometimes close is too close to his little sister:
The bucket is only fun for so long.

and that it’s true if you leave your food out, bugs will come and eat it:
Ladybug Picnic

and his favorite storybook characters live at the Children’s Garden at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Saturday Breakfast

Ever wonder what we do around here on Saturday morning? I know, how have you gotten on this long without having this knowledge?

Here’s the answer to your burning question: Donuts.

Donut Bar

I’ve always meant to fry some biscuits to make donuts and haven’t ever done it. (Is there anything more Southern than this? Maybe frying pickles, that’s the best I can think of.) This morning I got brave and tried it. The results: powdered sugar everywhere. The kids like to dunk their own.

Eli shows how he can eat a donut.

Liza especially loved licking the outer coating of sugar off of the donuts. She was unsure how to proceed after she got all of the sugar off though.

LIza chows down.

She finally figured it out and ate her fair share.

Liza likes donuts.