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Playing in the bathtub

Wednesday morning I discovered the ultimate Liza distraction tool. I stuck her in the bathtub in our bathroom while I was getting ready.

This tub is known around our house as “the big bathtub” because it’s nearly twice the size of the tub in the kid’s bathroom. Liza doesn’t get in the big tub much because it’s hard to chase a slippery 18-month old around a tub the size of a small pond without getting wet yourself or nearly drowning the kid. (See? I did learn something from Eli’s upbringing.)

I didn’t realize, however, it would be so much fun to play with the tub toys with NO water! Who knew?

This morning I took photos.

Those are tub crayons. Good thing they wash off easily.

A moment between the kids. Yes, I art directed Eli into place but once he got there he was way cute all on his own.

This outfit is the bringer of messes. Every time I dress her in it, within 45 minutes there’s a huge mess of some variety that requires a wardrobe change.

One of the many moods of Eli. He was telling me a story about a king, knight, dragon and a fiery game of checkers.

Yeah, I’m totally gah-gah over this kid when he has this expression on his face.

Fingerpainting Photos and the much anticpated Prepared Piano Photos

A while back I read a great tip on Parent Hacks. They suggested to let your kids fingerpaint in the bathtub and then just take a bath. You contain the mess and the kids. The kids get to have a great time, first painting and then a bonus bath. I decided that we’d try it today since they both have a cold and we haven’t left the house in a couple of days. Here’s the evidence:

Also, a few days back Stephen posted about Andrew’s concert and the prepared piano. Here’s the full set of photos I took of him working on the setup.

An Unusual Fit of Cleaning

We’d been talking for a while that we needed to do some cleaning before Christmas. Specifically in Eli’s room so there’s actually room to bring in some new stuff.

So to show him how Mom and Dad can clean up their stuff too, Stephen started pulling books off of bookshelves and chunking them in a pile to go to the used bookstore. Some 60 books later, we have a bit of space on a few shelves around the house. And a whopping pile to trade for other books!

The office was also a bit of a mess. Stephen still had portal gun bits and pieces strewn around for Liza to impale herself on and I had a corner that just seemed to continually expand when I wasn’t actively beating it back. So we spent about 30 minutes last night and here are the results:

Today, I’m going to try and convince Eli to part with a few things as well. If you hear the moaning, it’s Emo Eli trying to part with his toys.

What a Prepared Piano Looks Like

Ever seen inside a prepared piano? I hadn’t either. Here’s what it looks like when you’re doing the preparing:

Preparing a piano for a Cage piece

There’s a table in Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes that lists what strings you’re supposed to shove stuff in and how far from the bridge the stuff goes. Insert a screwdriver, twist to spread the strings, and in goes the plastic or rubber or screws or bolts. Of course, Cage’s measurements were all for one specific piano, so you end up adjusting after you insert them.

The piano after preparation

And there’s what it looks like afterward.

A Fun Saturday

We were full of the busy yesterday and I managed to get photos of big chunks of it.

First thing was playing with the doll house:
Click the photo to see more pictures.

In the afternoon we were off to hang out with our friends at Hallie and Remy’s house. I made all the girls t-shirts that say “Future Huntsvegas Girl Scout Troop”. They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
Click the photo to see more pictures.

I Have Been Remiss in the Posting of Photos

Will and Luke came over to visit yesterday. They brought their mom Chrissy and we played outside and very belatedly celebrated Chrissy’s birthday with hot dogs and chili for dinner.
Click the photo to see the rest of the photo set.

Here’s Liza watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!”
Click the photo to see the rest of the photo set.

And finally, Liza and her bubble hat.
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