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Oh my, these toys.

Happy Dino Day, Stephen!

A month before Stephen’s birthday, I realized that the local group who flamingoed yards for a living had gone out of business. This was sad-making because I had been planning to give him the full flamingo treatment on his 40th birthday for some time. One of our best pals, RenĂ©e, suggested we do it ourselves. I started checking around and found two-foot tall, inflatable dinosaurs at the Dollar Store. Score!

Who knew 40 dinosaurs would hog the whole couch like that?!?

I asked for donations of $1 to sponsor a dinosaur and you all came through for me! I got enough fundage to pay for the dinosaurs, the sign and to take Stephen out for a burrito while we were at Dragon*con. Thanks!!

I was nice and didn’t proclaim to the whole street Stephen’s actual age!
Full 40.

Stephen claims he was properly surprised even though the day before I accidentally let it slip that there was something happening for his birthday that involved dinosaurs. He thought it was a riot that I’d been sneaking around for a month and threatening to disinherit the kids if they told and then I let it slip the day before. Meh, he was still surprised. Or at least he faked it really well.

The whole set up took me about two hours. The kids and I were waiting for him to get home, standing in the dino field wearing dino hats and blowing dino noisemakers. I’m sure we were quite the site.

The kids got to help take the cards from around the dinos necks.

My crochet habit and my Doctor Who habit collide

This is without a doubt my favorite thing I’ve crocheted so far. I worked on him while in the UK, so I think he is sufficiently British. Blessed even.

The cuddly Doctor is going to Alana over the Fourth of July weekend and I will be so sad to see him go. I think I’ll start another one for myself…while I’m watching Doctor Who.

Many thanks go to Nyss at Pixelated Mushroom for the lovely free pattern and lots of coaching while I was completing the coat!

Still crocheting small things

The three cacti I crocheted for Kat and Sean. If only I could crochet little sombreros for them they would be perfect.

Excuse me a sec, while I go look for a pattern…

Eli and Liza demonstrating how sharp the needles on a cactus can be.

This critter doesn’t have an owner yet but that’s only because Eli hasn’t gotten home from school and seen him.

I didn’t crochet the dog but Liza sure wishes I would make one for her.

Two weeks of crochet

With Stephen gone the past two weeks, I had a lot of time to practice my new hobby.

The hat took way longer than it should have but I learned a ton in the process. Like you have to count the stitches. Not just guess. It’s the difference between a rug and something you can actually wear on your head.

Or rather, something Liza can wear on her head. I used the wrong yarn so the finished product is too small for me and too big for Liza but it’s so cute with the unintentional chevron pattern about 3/4 of the way down. I love it though because it’s my first finished project.

From the hat, I decided to move on to kid’s toys. Because my kids don’t have enough toys!

I’m loving the Lion Brand yarn website as they have a TON of fun patterns that beginners can do. The yarn they recommend is economical and sturdy for toys.

Surprisingly, the alien is Liza’s and the ladybug is Eli’s.

I don’t have an in progress photo of the ladybug. I was working against the Eli bedtime clock last night. He kept coming out to check on my progress until I finally had it done. I learned a ton with the ladybug as well. She’s got some flaws, so I actually might try the pattern again now that I kinda know what I’m doing. Or maybe, I’ll just take what I’ve learned and apply it to my next project of the Adipose Fat Baby from Dr. Who. Because my husband doesn’t have enough toys either!

I’ve gotten a ton of amigurumi patterns from the internet. Enough patterns to keep me busy for ages. I love working on them because they are fast, I learn a ton from the different ways the patterns are written and at the end they are so cute! Still no good robot patterns though — gonna have to buy the book.

I thought I might be getting good but then I attempted to start a purse pattern and couldn’t get past the second row of stitches. Jess, guess what you’ll be doing on Tuesday night!

Lastly, the obligatory cute kid photo:

Ribby the Frog

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about any scary kids’ toys. I don’t know if that’s because Eli and Liza’s toys have gotten less scary or because I’ve grown desensitized to them. If it’s the latter, then I’ve finally found a toy to shock me out of my complacency.

Meet Ribby the frog.

Ribby the tiny toy frog

Ribby doesn’t look too bad. He’s a cute purple color, with a sweet smile and —

Ribby's eyes bulge out when you push him!

Aaah! Make it stop!

The Robi-Robots Story

by Eli

Once upon a time, there was a green-headed robot. He was lonely and very sad. But…he had no friends. But then one day, he met a purple-headed robot, Joe.


“How do you do, Joe?” said Sparky. (Mom, the purple-headed one is Sparky.)

“Good!” said Joe.

“Good!” said Sparky.

“But we don’t have any more friends!”

“You’re right!” said Sparky.

“We better go to the enchanted grove to get one.”

“Let’s go!” They said. And off they went.

When they got there, they found two other robots. The yellow-headed robot was Speedy. The blue-headed robot was Eddie. So they became best friends. Really best friends.

The End

Thanks to Kat for the cool make-your-own robots. (Boy do you know this kid or what?)

In Space, No One Can Hear Me Scream About Science

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about scary kids’ toys. Good thing Eli got a new batch for his birthday!

Meet Black Hole.

a black hole planet heroes figure

He’s the enemy from Planet Heroes, Fisher-Price’s new line of planet-themed action figures with tie-in DVDs and comics. You can tell he’s a villain because he speaks with a British accent.

Eli’s fascinated with the figure, and doubly fascinated by the comic that came with it. He read through it several times and then asked me to read it to him. What kind of dastardly things is Black Hole, aka “Professor Darkness”, up to?

A page from the #2 issue of the Planet Heroes comic

“Once Red Giant traps those Planet Weirdos, I’ll release the ravenous Space Quarks. They can devour an entire solar system in a single light year!”

You know, Fisher-Price has all of Issue 2 available online. You should read how the Planet Heroes (plus the guy from the Sun and another from a shooting star and also Earth’s Moon and oh yeah they’re still including Pluto) defeat Black Hole. Hint: it involves a space cow.