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We were just driving home from a friend’s house. I was looking at the clouds back toward where our subdivision is and I thought to myself that it looked like a “funnel cloud.” I’ve never seen a funnel cloud before but it looked exactly like how I’ve always heard them described. It was moving pretty […]

Grille 29

As Stephen promised, we have started a campaign to eat around town at more unusual places. Our first try today was Grille 29. It’s located in the Village of Providence which is supposed to be a “pedestrian-friendly neighborhood”. (The houses there look like the village on Martha’s Vineyard except without the excellent ocean views and […]

Notes from the National Geographic

Remember when I said I read National Geographic cover to cover when I get it? I read most of the current issue over the weekend and one of the things that struck me was the article on Biofuels. Check out the one on cellulose. Yes, that’s right, we could possibly fuel our future cars on […]

Cotton Month

You know what we grow in Alabama? Cotton.

Field after field of it. During October it mounds up on the sides of the road and is nicknamed, rightly so, Alabama Snow.

We moved to Alabama five years ago this month. I am so glad we moved during October because I got to see the cotton […]