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New Design for Live Granades

I know, I know, what are we thinking, changing the design every three years or so. Nevertheless, have a new blog design.

The only real content change is the “Shrapnel” sidebar on the right. We’re going to be dumping links in there that we find interesting but don’t feel like writing a full blog post about. […]

The Inevitable Upgrade

We’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Let us know if anything went kablooey.

Adding Quicktags to WordPress and to the TinyMCE Editor for WP Plugin Authors in Many Easy Steps

A while back I wrote a WordPress plugin that adds popup images to the blog. The way the plugin works is that you add in fake HTML-ish <popim> tags and the plugin filters those and changes them to the actual HTML required to create the popup image.

That wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was […]