Child's Play

An interactive fiction by Stephen Granade (2007) - the Inform 7 source text

VOLUME 5 - On Scenes

Chapter 0 - Suffocation

Suffocation is a scene. Suffocation begins when play begins. Suffocation ends happily when the number of filled rows in the Table of Suffocating Messages is 0. Suffocation ends badly when the player is upset.

Every turn during Suffocation:
    repeat through the Table of Suffocating Messages
        say "[message entry][paragraph break]";
        blank out the whole row;
        rule succeeds;
    end repeat.

Table of Suffocating Messages
"You are trying not to breathe fast, it is hard when you are so closed in."
"The darkness is all scratchy on your skin."
"This is oppressive, you are being held down by the man."
"Suddenly the darkness is gone, and it is so light, you are blinded for just a second. You blink and blink and then you can see the mom holding the blanket she was covering you with. 'Peekaboo!' she shouts and she is all grinning.

So I guess you were being held down by the woman.[line break][banner text]"

When Suffocation ends:
    now the player is calm;
    move the player to Intro Middle;

The source code to Child's Play is licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.