Child's Play

An interactive fiction by Stephen Granade (2007) - the Inform 7 source text

Chapter 6 - Menu System
[Rather than using the Basic Help Menu extension, I ganked the code from that extension and re-wrote everything.]
Include Menus by Emily Short.
To say bold story title: say "[bold type][story title][roman type]".
Table of Basic Help Options
title   subtable   description   toggle
"About [story title]"   a table-name   "[bold story title][paragraph break][story description]"   a rule
"How to Play"   --   "There is a good set of instructions up at that will help you learn how to play, you could try there. But if you are getting stuck then there are two things you can do before you go looking for a walkthrough. One is you can go back through the game and read carefully, there are clues in the text and especially in the things people say. The other is you should watch other babies, they may give you ideas."
"Special Commands"   --   "There is really only one special command, it is COMMENTARY ON and it will turn on the special commentary track. But it has spoilers so be careful!"
"Credits"   --   "[story title] was made using Inform 7, it is by Graham Nelson and it is so easy that even a baby can make a game with it. And the manual has all these great examples that I stole, so thanks Graham and Emily Short.
Dan Shiovitz and Lucian Smith tested this thing from start to finish a zillion times while I was writing it and they did a lot to make it super awesome. Along with them Admiral Jota and Sam Ashwell and Adam Thornton did final beta-testing, they gave great input too and you should totally pester them to test your games. It turns out the game had bugs even after I released it and people told me about those bugs, people like Admiral Jota and Wendymoon and Jason Brown and Katzy and Jonathan Blask and Emily Boegheim. The ClubFloyd playthrough on January 6 2008 also turned up a bunch of stuff so thanks everyone who took part in that. People also tested the Introcomp version of this and they are Dan Shiovitz and Sean Barrett and Lucian Smith and Admiral Jota." "Tiny Print"   --   "[bold type]Copyright Information[roman type][line break] [bold story title] is copyright [unicode copyright sign] [story copyright string] by [story author]. [story rights statement] [bold type]Licensing Information[roman type][line break] I place the following terms and conditions on copying and distributing [bold story title]: You may copy and distribute [bold story title] in whatever format you choose, as long as it (and especially its copyright information) is not altered. You may not distribute this game for a fee which is greater than the cost of distribution. Distribution of this game constitutes acceptance of this license. [bold type]A Legal Dodge[roman type][line break] Because this game is offered free of charge, there is no warranty, express or implied, attached to it."   -- "Getting Ahold of the Author"   --   "Comments are neat, you can send them to"   -- Understand "help" or "hint" or "hints" or "about" or "info" as asking for help. Asking for help is an action out of world. Carry out asking for help (this is the help request rule):    change the current menu to the Table of Basic Help Options;    carry out the displaying activity;    clear the screen;    try looking.

The source code to Child's Play is licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.