Monthly Archives: July 2004

where did the love go

it is sad how evidently no one here really cares about my gums. fortunately mj and bg do, because bg came home yesterday with some medicine for me. they smear some on my gums and i take it and then my hands swell just like two balloons and the colors are nifty and then

worst pain ever

a while back i said my gums hurt.

i was lying. my gums merely tingled. now they hurt hurt hurt. it is the worst hurt i have ever experienced.

i guess i’m going to have a lot of that ‘worst ever’ or ‘best ever’ for a while because i’m so young. i can’t wait until i’m 8 […]

friends make afternoons fun

yesterday, two of my friends came over, will and mackenzie. we played for a while, though i’m really jealous of how will and mackenzie can crawl around. some day i will be able to move, and when that happens, look out./

we have some plants near the big window in our living room, and i saw […]

tiny person

last night we went to someone else’s house, and they had a tiny person. i mean a really tiny person. she was tinier than me./ she wasn’t very interesting. she just laid in people’s arms and occasionally waved her fists feebly.

i bet i could have eaten her if i’d been hungry, no problem.

how to make people do funny things

we are trying a new routine where they give me my bink at night and put me down in my crib when i’m really sleepy but not yet asleep. it worked pretty well. the next thing i knew it was about eight hours later.

anyway, i’ve learned how to make mj and bg do really stupid-looking […]

tired and hoarse

my throat is sore and i’m really tired. i think it may have something to do with me crying for two hours last night before bed.

baby journals

this afternoon i went looking for more baby journals like mine. i found a bunch of them that were supposed to be baby journals, but they were all written by mothers and not babies./ what’s up with that.7 it’s like trying to find out what it’s like to be a firefighter by reading some thirteen […]

journey to funny

yesterday bg and mj were talking about a cruise you could go on that featured three bands named styx, journey, and arr eee owe speedwagon. mj said this sounded stupid, but bg sounded like he liked the idea. this must have inspired bg because all during bath he was singing me their songs in falsetto.

he […]

ow my gums

my gums have been hurting for a few days, like they’re going to pop out of my mouth or something. i can’t even sleep at night now, i keep getting up every three hours. it’s enough to make me scream.

oh, wait, it is making me scream.

standing is better than sitting is better than lying down

you know what.7 i’m really getting annoyed that i can’t stand up or sit by myself. i’m getting really tired of staring at the ceiling all the time.