Monthly Archives: November 2004

more sickness

now mj is sick. i swear my parents are like the sickliest people i know. mj is all cough and wheeze and not wanting to move much. good thing i was off at school today which was kinda fun but tiring and now i’m totally going to take a nap.

i am sorry i did not write

i am sorry i was going to write and all but this mouse chewed through bg’s computer cord and he stopped using it and missy law’s computer was way too high for me to reach so i could not write.

yes there was this mouse or maybe several mice and he ate some of our bread and he slept in my clothes one night. not the clothes i was wearing but the clothes in my dresser drawer. i know mj used to have a mouse or something as a pet but ew.

bg got much better because i saw him swimming one day in the ocean. that must have been scary. when i went down to the waves i did not like them. the dry sand is fun to stand on but the wet sand is icky and that ocean totally wants to eat me. i bet it got so big by eating babies too.

it rained a lot on wednesday which is the day we went to buy me some clothes at some nearby stores and that was weird. that we went when it was raining i mean. and there were so many people at the beach that i never got put down and that was great. someone was always playing with me. i should have a group of fans that follows me wherever i go to play with me.

can i take the ocean back with me.7 i don’t want to play in it or anything but like the sound is nice when i am sleeping.

and i think i will ask bg and mj for a little brudder or sister but i do not know if they will like that because i am so much kid that i think i am like five or six kids in one.

trip down to the beach

we are now at the beach. the trip was long and there was a lot of rain so i slept through as much of it as i could.

the beach is fun. there is this whooshing noise all the time and the sea keeps turning over and over and it’s really cool. the only bad thing is that bg got sick from something and he didn’t come down to play with me until almost like noon. he is such a slacker.

sick and right before a trip too

i am now sick. i think i got a cold from bg and mj and i wish they had just kept it to themselves. this makes my nose runny and i get all sleepy but it is hard to sleep with the wheezing and the snoring.

it’s okay though because my fans came to visit. mama ray and papa ray are here because we are going on a trip this week for thanksgiving. it is down to the beach and i hear that the salt air is good for you so maybe it will clear up my cold.

thinking about dieting

i have been thinking about dieting after yesterday. i mean it is all well and good to say i am not gaining weight as fast as i would otherwise but i am still gaining weight. the doctor says i am fine but he does not have to deal with the fame that i have and knowing that you might get fat and then your picture gets taken and it ends up on the cover of parenting today or something.

anyway it looks like the big diet thing is this thing called atkins. you can eat all of the meat and vegetables which is good because i really like my beef and carrots. but you can’t eat carbs which evidently means no cheerios. and no goldfish. i just learned how good goldfish taste.

maybe this dieting thing is a bad idea.

my new exercise

i have invented a new exercise routine i call the bounceTM. it is very important that you refer to it as the bounceTM because i am going to trademark it so no one can steal it from me. it is important enough that i am willing to use the caps lock key so i can type TM.

anyway the bounceTM is a collection of exercises for keeping you fit. the first big exerecise is to pull yourself into a standing position and while holding onto something bounce up and down by bending your knees a little.

for your butt the exercise is to sit down and do butt circles. this is where you sit on the ground and then move your feet so you circle around and around without actually going anywhere.

this is leaving out the upper body so there are two exercises for that. one is to flail your arms up away from your body and then back down towards your tummy. the other is to crawl around places mostly by dragging yourself by your arms. you can use your knees and feet some in the crawl but not too much.

i have been doing these exercises for a while now. i went to the doctor yesterday and now i weigh almost twenty pounds which is more than before and you might think that means the bounceTM does not work. but i am a growing boy and think how much more i would weigh without the bounceTM./

okay, now all of you have to try this out. let’s bounceTM./

[i trademarked let’s bounceTM too because that is how all of my exercise sessions start by having the woman in a leotard say that.]

pants blowout

so i have these pants that i got and they are sort of a brown color and have snaps on them. but the snaps at the bottom won’t stay snapped so i kept having pants blowouts. all of the snaps except the one at the very bottom around my ankles would come unsnapped and then i’m all like hello diaper./ this even happened at church so i don’t know if they will let me come back or not.

one of my fans is here. i think she is staying here because bg is going somewhere. i saw the suitcase. i won’t quite fit in the suitcase unless i get rid of all of bg’s clothes so i guess i will stay here with my fan.

good days

i have had a good couple of days even though i got a little cranky the other day because i did not sleep much although i still do not need naps. on tuesday night everyone came to see me and i got to stomp around and go bbbbbb. some of my fans walked me around the room and that was fun. today was playgroup. and it has been nice weather getting a little cooler. the best part of it getting cooler is now mj puts these chew toys on my feet. i mean they are really socks but the best part of socks is they are like chew toys i can carry around easily without my hands.

i hope everyone else’s days this week have been as good./

why are they unhappy.7

i think mj and bg are mad with me for some reason. they made me stay up late last night and then this morning when i woke up at my usual time bg stumbled in and he didn’t talk to me or sing me a morning song or anything. it was light outside and everything. i don’t know what i did to make them mad. i was even cute for everyone when they came over last night to see my in my dinosaur costume which you may remember from way back, except it is totally too hot to wear for long.