thinking about dieting

i have been thinking about dieting after yesterday. i mean it is all well and good to say i am not gaining weight as fast as i would otherwise but i am still gaining weight. the doctor says i am fine but he does not have to deal with the fame that i have and knowing that you might get fat and then your picture gets taken and it ends up on the cover of parenting today or something.

anyway it looks like the big diet thing is this thing called atkins. you can eat all of the meat and vegetables which is good because i really like my beef and carrots. but you can’t eat carbs which evidently means no cheerios. and no goldfish. i just learned how good goldfish taste.

maybe this dieting thing is a bad idea.

7 thoughts on “thinking about dieting

  1. Eli,
    It’s not dieting, but exercising – then you can eat as much as you want! Listen to your doctor in this case, and don’t go on a diet unless he thinks you should. Go back to your bounceTM routine – you will definitely be on the cover of Parenting Today as the poster child for healthy babies.

  2. I hope you are not like me, Eli. I have had to diet all my life, I exercise all the time and I still have to eat yucky food.
    I say eat all the junk food you can while you are still a baby. Besides, people think chubby BABIES are cute!


  3. You may be forgetting that you are growing lengthwise too. That adds a surprising number of pounds without making you fatter.

  4. these are both good points. the doctor did say i was like in the 75 percentile for length and 50 for weight or something like that. it was hard to listen to him because i was waiting to be stuck with needles like every other time i have gone there.

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