Monthly Archives: January 2005

picture time

mamamamama and mumsy took me to have my picture taken this week at the target store, it was hard because i was so tired, but there were fans and everyone was paying me attention so i did my best. i have been busy and do not need naps, but that does make me a little sleepy.

also i think dadadadada is gone because he has not been bathing me lately.

something is up

i see that none of you care about the biting on me even though it is not good and you don’t know what diseases that kid has, i might turn into a were-baby or something.

anyway even though you do not care i will tell you that there is something suspicious going on at home. there is like new stuff in the laundry room that flashes and looks toy like and i have never seen it before and the other day i saw all of these extra paper plates mj bought. they have elmo on them and everything.

are we electing another president or something.7 because there was a big party here last time that happened. i hope elmo wins.

teeth were not meant for that

i have not posted for a while because livejournal was down and that made me sad. but the weekend was pretty good anyway.

i did run into a thing today where i was playing with this like two year old or something, and i did my fake eating thing. this is where i open my mouth and move it towards your nose or ear and pretend that i am going to eat it. this is extremely cute because when i do it all of the adults go ooh and aah and don’t eat me and i would rar if i could but instead it comes out as ‘gulfh’ in this low voice.

anyway i did this to the kid and he bit me./ what’s that all about.7 it wasn’t even that he wanted to eat me because he wandered off after that. i was very mad.

this walking thing is hard

so i am working harder at walking and now i can totally toddle around the house from room to room unless i have to turn fast, that doesn’t work so well. but no one told me how much work this would be./ i think i need a nap.

feeling better

i am still kinda coughy but not too much so the new medicine must be helping. the doctor did not stick me so yay on that. i do not really feel bad at all.

an apple a day doesn’t do anything

not that i’m eating apples or anything, really, banananas are a lot more tasty. anyway, i’m still all coughing and whatnot so mj got me a doctor’s appointment today. i hope they don’t stick me with a needle.