Comments on Comments

We like comments here at Live Granades. We like discussion. We appreciate heated debate supported by reason and logic. We like passion.

We do not like bad grammar. We do not like personal attacks, especially those based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, and the like. We will not put up with physical threats.

When you post here, you accept that we may edit, moderate, or delete your comments as we see fit. We don’t do that often, but we do do it.

You can comment anonymously. You can comment pseudonymously. You can be clever, entertaining, thoughtful, witty, gracious. You can be a jerk, but if you are enough of a jerk for long enough expect to be called on it. This is not a free speech issue. This is not a First Amendment issue. Remember when we said “…supported by reason and logic”? If you think us moderating is a First Amendment issue, it’s time to check your logic.

To sum up: discuss things with more light than heat and more grace than insults and you’ll be fine.

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