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2014 Weeks 16 & 17 of Making Something Every Day

Day 106: another close up of commissioned piece in working on.
day 106

Day 107: You can always tell when my mom comes to town because we make stuff like this.
day 107

Day 108: Proud to be putting this piece in the mail for @duchess to give to her cousin! I hope they love it!!
day 108

Day 109: Gelli printing with my dog sister. #imadeit #pixlrcontest
day 109

Day 110: Starting a new painting today, 15×30″
day 110

Day 111: loving the blacks and grays on this one.
day 111

Day 112: working on the next layer.
day 112

Day 113: A baby blanket fit for a Time Lord.
day 113

Day 114: Started ANOTHER baby blanket. (Posted a day late.)
day 114

Day 115: Last day in carline (woo-hoo!) project.
day 115

Day 116: Figuring out my next step.
day 116

Day 117: I will NOT be defeated by a change purse pattern and tiny rolls of yarn!
day 117

Day 118: added a layer. (Posted a day late.)
day 118

Day 119: working out the collage elements.
day 119

2014 Weeks 14 & 15 of Making Something Every Day

Day 92: Have declared myself grade A crafting goddess now that my mom-in-law has taught me knitting.
day 92

Day 93: Finished!
day 93

Day 94: Practicing my knitting while watching the weather move through.
day 94

Day 95: never had to use clothes pins in a crochet project before.
day 95

Day 96: work in progress and a glimpse of the many, many desk accessories.
day 96

Day 97: Work in progress, 16×12″.
day 97

Day 98: Finished. The Music in My Head, 16×12″.
day 98

Day 99: side beni of having the gelli plate down low: art day with Liza!
day 99

Day 100: Found a craft Eli likes to do! A bit of pre-church stamping.
day 100

Day 101: Decide what to be. Go be it. Mini art journal.
day 101

Day 102: Grape Ape construction for Liza’s birthday!
day 102

Day 103: The beginnings of something.
day 103

Day 104: Birthday monkey assemblage happening next!
day 104

Dau 105: Close up of commissioned piece I’m working on.
day 105

2014 Weeks 12 & 13 of Making Something Every Day

Day 78: Coping with ALL THE ANGSTY FEELS today so slinging paint seemed like a fine idea.
day 78

Day 79: Another chance to play name that art.
day 79

Day 80: Some fish in progress on a 12×16′ canvas.
day 80

Day 81: Made a bit of progress on the fish.
day 81

Day 82: I might be done with this one. S Fish.
day 82
It ended up being called “fisheS.”

Day 83: Cut down a HUGE stack of gelli prints to use as postcards.
day 83

Day 84: I colored on some postcards today! Finished one (bottom middle, purple one).
day 84

Day 85: Cigar boxes for crafting. Imagine me rubbing my hands together in glee.
day 85

Day 86: brown and black postcard.
day 86

Day 87: This bundle of joy baby blanket is almost ready for @teamwinks’ new wee one.
day 87

Day 88: today’s progress on the baby blanket.
day 88

Day 89: Egg dying counts as daily art, right?
day 89

Day 90: imperfection postcard.
day 90

Day 91: Sitting in a porch swing, listening to the rain and the birds, working on the boarder of the baby blanket.
day 91

2014 Weeks 10 & 11 of Making Something Every Day

Day 64: 12×12″ collage painting I’ve been working on this week. I think I’m calling it ‘No Words.’
day 64

Day 65: In progress 8×10″ canvases.
day 65

Day 66: Working on Captain USA.
day 66

Day 67: 8×10″ – Have an idea for what to call it but I’m entertaining suggestions if you’d like to contribute.
day 67
FYI: It got called “Bingo Starr.”

Day 68: a little embarrassed at how long this postcard took to put together.
day 68

Day 69: Working on @allyblogsworld’s Captain USA amigurumi. Tiny removable boots. Best. Thing. Ever.
day 69

Day 70: trying to salvage the black and red painting.
day 70

Day 71: What a difference a day makes!
day 71

Day 72: About 7 short rows from being finished with this groovy shawl.
day 72

Day 73: Expect Miracles.
day 73

Day 74: Aquaman joins the team.
day 74

Day 75: Working on two 8×10″ canvases. It’s still too early to tell what they will be.
day 75

Day 75b: I couldn’t stand to NOT work on this one today. Thinking about a title. Suggestions?
day 75b

Day 76: There’s just something magical about taking what is basically string and making a sweater out of it.
day 76

Day 77: My newest hobby, the drop spindle.
day 77

2014 Weeks 8 & 9 of Making Something Every Day

Day 50: another page in my little book.
day 50

Day 51: emergency shawl for a friend of a friend. (Posted a day late.)
day 51

Day 52: Middle spread in the little water book. 2 more pages and I’ll be finished.
day 52

Day 53: Worked on design for the @GlobalWomenGo registration packet all day today, no photos though.

Day 54: The art of the Venn Diagram poster.
day 54

Day 55: My kitchen wall got a makeover today!
day 55

Day 56: Shawl finished for a friend to give to her grieving friend.
day 56

Day 57: last 2 pages of the water book completed.
day 57

Can’t Count! No Day 58!

Day 59: Wonder postcard.
day 59

Day 60: Loxley collage in progress.
day 60

Day 61: Emergency Teddy Bear surgery before I leave for St. Louis.
day 61

Day 62: Art day with @Obajoo!
day 62

Day 62 update: 2 finished postcards and 2 partials.
day 62b

Day 63: “Keep choosing joy every day” postcard.
day 63

2014 Weeks 6 & 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 36: Working in carline.
day 36

Day 37: working on a new book that’s all my own stuff. So much fun.
day 37

Day 38: reading a friend’s book and have all these interesting images floating around in my head.
day 38

Day 39: best of the prints I made today.
day 39

Day 40: Finished the Oswin shawl. Unblocked on the left. Blocked on the right.
day 40

Day 41: Look! The project I’m about to start is in my favorite colors!
day 41

Day 42: Added some things in my new book including the butterfly that Liza told me to “Put in your book, Mom!”
day 42

Day 43: parts for a bigger project.
day 43

Day 44: Cut out bottles and checking out antiquing inks.
day 44

Day 45: Today’s printing mess.
day 45

Day 46: Did some paper sorting for a new project.
day 46

Day 47: Making a little Water Glass book.
day 47

Day 48: first page of tiny water book.
day 48

Day 49: page inside the water book.
day 49

2014 Weeks 4 & 5 of Making Something Every Day

Day 22: Finished gloves going out to my friend, Jeanette.
day 22

Day 23: More dishcloths.
day 23

Day 24: Page in the book said to collage things I see everyday. I used yarn labels. (In progress.)
day 24

Day 25: This makes me laugh every time.
day 25

Day 26: Instructions – Draw shapes you see. Keep filling in. Add words. Keep adding until the page is full.
day 26

Day 27: Winding all my new Christmas yarn. So fun to consider all the possibilities!
day 27

Day 28: Memories of childhood in my “Art, Doodle, Love” journal.
day 28

Day 29: If Liza & I could commune the rest of our lives with a pile of art supplies, that’d be a pretty good life.
day 29

Day 30: Instructions on page: Write fears, worries, & missed expectations, then cover it with good. In progress.
day 30

Day 31: How do I combat the worries & disappointments in life? Participate in something bigger than me & my problems.
day 31

Day 32: Worked on a prayer notebook for the kids to use.
day 32

Day 33: In the Saturday class, we got these wooden boxes to use as prayer boxes. I added stuff on top.
day 33

Day 34: Struggling this week because of a cold. Managed to make some envelopes with a new template I got for Xmas.
day 34

Day 35: Got yarn for 2 new projects yesterday. This yellow for a shawl. (Posted a day late.)
day 35