2014 Weeks 10 & 11 of Making Something Every Day

Day 64: 12×12″ collage painting I’ve been working on this week. I think I’m calling it ‘No Words.’
day 64

Day 65: In progress 8×10″ canvases.
day 65

Day 66: Working on Captain USA.
day 66

Day 67: 8×10″ – Have an idea for what to call it but I’m entertaining suggestions if you’d like to contribute.
day 67
FYI: It got called “Bingo Starr.”

Day 68: a little embarrassed at how long this postcard took to put together.
day 68

Day 69: Working on @allyblogsworld’s Captain USA amigurumi. Tiny removable boots. Best. Thing. Ever.
day 69

Day 70: trying to salvage the black and red painting.
day 70

Day 71: What a difference a day makes!
day 71

Day 72: About 7 short rows from being finished with this groovy shawl.
day 72

Day 73: Expect Miracles.
day 73

Day 74: Aquaman joins the team.
day 74

Day 75: Working on two 8×10″ canvases. It’s still too early to tell what they will be.
day 75

Day 75b: I couldn’t stand to NOT work on this one today. Thinking about a title. Suggestions?
day 75b

Day 76: There’s just something magical about taking what is basically string and making a sweater out of it.
day 76

Day 77: My newest hobby, the drop spindle.
day 77