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2014 Week 23 of Making Something Every Day

2014 Weeks 21 & 22 of Making Something Every Day

The past two weeks have been a lot of travel and a good deal of sadness. And laughter. And joy at reconnecting with family. My maternal grandmother passed away, leaving me at 41, with no living grandparents. While I didn’t have much contact with any of my grandparents once I left for college, they filled my childhood with happy summer days on their farms in Southern Missouri. I grew up loving my grandma’s cooking and her enjoyment of the natural beauty of flowers and rocks. My maternal granddad was county sheriff for eight years which always struck my youthful heart with a sense of justice for both my life and the world. I think I might not ever know the full extent of how some of these early experiences shaped the adult I am today. But I am thankful for the sense of family and inclusion that I gained from them. I strive daily to pass that little bit of them along to others.

Trying something new with my post this week. Embedding the actual tweets instead of hand processing the photos all over again. If only I knew someone who could help me automate this process…