we went out./

here i went and said how bath giver and the milk jug never take me anywhere, and they dragged me off tonight instead of bathing me and feeding me and letting me sleep like i’m supposed to./ the day was pretty good, although i kept having to take naps in the crib instead of on the milk jug. we played a new game in the hall with all of the pillows and blankets from the beds. first it got all dark outside, and there were flashes of light. then i heard a siren. the milk jug turned on the tv, and suddenly she scooped me up, grabbed all the pillows, and took us in the hall where i couldn’t see outside anymore.

it was fun and all, but that much fun can be tiring, so i had to take a nap.

in the crib.

but it was a good nap, and when i woke up, bath giver was home. we ate, and then just as i was ready for play time, they stuffed me in my seat and off we went to somewhere else./ i stayed cool about it. i played on the strange floor, even though there was a cat that kept stalking me, and i smiled at all of the people while they talked about storm fronts and i love the 90s.

then it was bath time, but i didn’t get a bath. the milk jug fed me, and tried to rock me to sleep, but that’s a load of crap. no bath, no sleep./ this is non-negotiable.

except then she let me snuzzle to her, and i’m a sucker for the snuzzle, and the next thing i know i dozed off. they woke me up putting me back in the seat. they were all excited about ‘the power’ being back on.

they at least bathed me when i got home. i pretended to be asleep so bath giver and the milk jug would leave and i could sneak out to the computer.

hey, maybe i should say how other things never happen so they’ll happen to me like getting to go see other people.