2014 Making Something Every Day Year in Review

As my second year of making something every day comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes and bask in the glory of things completed and post a few stats to remember from the year.

I posted 273 days of pictures of things I made. There is a week by week log of the year here on the blog.

I made: postcards, pages in various art journals, scarves, gloves, arts and science projects with the kids, cakes, dishcloths, shawls, art boxes, so many, many gelli prints, books, project posters with Eli, canvases: ranging in sizes from 3×5″ to 3×4′, amigurumi superheroes and a monkey, blankets, Easter eggs, ATCs, scarves, messy art projects for the kids at church, sweaters, greeting cards, art tags, and a couple of hats.

I learned to knit and to Tunisian crochet this past year. I judged a craft competition and crocheted at the top of the space needle.

One of my goals for 2014 was to complete some larger pieces. I finished around 25 pieces of canvas or large paper work. I sold seven of those for actual money!

Since I tried not to let the crochet take over the 2014 making, I didn’t always post what I was crocheting or what I finished. Here’s my crochet year from Ravelry:

To wrap up this year, here’s a look at my very messy space that I must clean out in order to start the 2015 project! Usually the messy side of the desk belongs to Stephen but this week, it’s all mine!
2015-01-05 13.37.19

I’ll be posting about the plan for 2015 soon. It’s gonna be a bit different from the past 2 years and I’m pretty excited about it.