Monthly Archives: June 2005

clean car

when we got back from going to mama’s gym this morning she decided to clean the car. first that involved vacuuming which is not very fun, but then./ then the water came out./ it was car washing time./

i do not know if you have even taken part in a car washing but it is the most fun ever, it is like having a floating swimming pool that you get to run around in. mama filled up a bucket and i played in that but after i climbed in i was kinda stuck so i tried to get out and fell over and hurt my head.

i guess there are downsides to car washing.

sorry fans

some fans came over to see me last night but i was tired and i think i was a bit grumpy to them, i am sorry. i will be in a better mood next time.

nap free

i am declaring that i am living a nap free lifestyle. i understand some might call me selfish for this but after yesterday when i did not nap and was fine i think it is possible. we went to a party last night after my day of not napping and there were kids everywhere and we ran around like crazy, it was fun. i should go out more.

toddler needs food badly

last night dada got home and i had been trying to tell mama i was hungry only she wasn’t listening. so i tried to tell dad. he listened. then he took me in the other room and gave me a blanket and binky and rocked me./

what is up with this.7 if you people would pay attention you could tell that i was telling you that i was hungry./

fans, when you come, please bring food.

pool splash

i got to play in the pool some more yesterday which was nice because it was very hot. i should share it with my friends, they were over yesterday for playgroup. will has a new brother named luke and will and i talked about this for a while. will is not sure about luke. i know i used to talk about eating babies but that was just youthful indescretion, i would never eat luke. besides he looks really stringy. i thought babies were supposed to be fat.

where are my fans.7

i heard that fans were coming over last night so i was going to stay awake and wait for you but i got very tired and then it was bath time. so i am sorry if i missed anyone.

tah dah

i have put in new pictures for everyone, if you go back through my archives you can see what they look like.

old pictures

i have old pictures of me here, i will try to update them later because i am even cuter now. i am afraid i will soon go past the point of cuteness and into the uncanny valley of cuteness and then i’ll just be some dirty kid.

i got to help mama and da with yard work this weekend, it was fun. they even put up this big umbrella shade thing over my pool but it blew down and was all twisted. that’s okay, they didn’t let me play with the metal rods that were part of it, they even put me inside for a while so they could put it up. i let them know how displeased i was with this, and i am totally convinced the later damage to the awning was because of the power of my mind.

i am home now ok

i got home last night and boy were my arms tired from holding them up so people would pick me up. it was a fun trip, i got to see a lot of people, but now i am all tired and stuff so i think i will take it easy for a while. i decree no more road trips for a bit.