Monthly Archives: July 2005

saturday napping

i totally forgot to tell you about saturday, it was both good and bad. da and i hung out while mama went somewhere, we read and played, and then mama came back and we all went to the car place. but the car place was hot so we went to this furniture store where it was all wicker and rattan and placemats and stuff, i think we went there because it was close by and the car place is kinda boring.

when we went back though there were these two people who were also waiting for their car, they were outside and we were inside but the waiting area is all glass so i played peek-a-boo with them, that was fun. but the whole afternoon was tiring and so i wanted to nap on the way back but the blanket that mama and da brought was totally not a blanket, it was like this slick cotton thing. blankets are fuzzy./ so i could not nap with such a poor blanket substitute, it is like wanting to drink milk but instead you are given, i don’t know, white colored water or something.


we went to the aquarium yesterday in chattanooga, it was very cool. there were sharks and rays and lots of fun fish to look at. i watched them all go by for a while, it was very peaceful. i wonder if mama and da will let me have a shark.

we went to ben and jerrys to get ice cream at lunch and i went around trying to make friends but everyone ignored me, i guess they are too wrapped up in their ice cream or their own kids or something. whatever.


i have not updated in a while, sorry, there has not been a lot of stuff going on so that is why i have not written, did you notice.7

mr and pr are not coming, they are staying down in south alabama and watching a hurricane come in. i guess this is a fun thing to do, i wish we could have a hurricane. mama and da keep turning on the tv to see where the hurricane is now. if you were watching it you would not need the tv you could just look outside.

bored bored bored bored bored.

okay maybe i like road trips

i know i said no more road trips but then we took a surprise one to arkansas to see mumsy and granddaddy don and granddaddy linda and that was a lot of fun, i got to go to junk stores and play with mason this three year old and pet stanley the dog and it was a lot of fun. one thing that was not really fun though was on the way there we stopped so i could get something to drink, i was running around the store and there was da! and i said da! and went to him only it wasn’t da, it was some guy with no hair like da. that was weird.