okay maybe i like road trips

i know i said no more road trips but then we took a surprise one to arkansas to see mumsy and granddaddy don and granddaddy linda and that was a lot of fun, i got to go to junk stores and play with mason this three year old and pet stanley the dog and it was a lot of fun. one thing that was not really fun though was on the way there we stopped so i could get something to drink, i was running around the store and there was da! and i said da! and went to him only it wasn’t da, it was some guy with no hair like da. that was weird.

1 thought on “okay maybe i like road trips

  1. Eli, PR and I are glad you like road trips but we are equally glad you are back home safe and sound. PR and I will be coming to see either this Saturday or Sunday and we can’t wait to see you. Maybe we can get in your pool and cool off since it is getting so hot.

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