i have not updated in a while, sorry, there has not been a lot of stuff going on so that is why i have not written, did you notice.7

mr and pr are not coming, they are staying down in south alabama and watching a hurricane come in. i guess this is a fun thing to do, i wish we could have a hurricane. mama and da keep turning on the tv to see where the hurricane is now. if you were watching it you would not need the tv you could just look outside.

bored bored bored bored bored.

4 thoughts on “boring

  1. Eli, we can assure you that all that’s happening now is waiting. Watching hurricanes is mostly boring (at least now); all one sees is rain and wind effects.


    MR & PR

  2. You didn’t seem to be too bored on Saturday….or was it all a clever plot to hide your boredom? If Nana is getting boring, I need to know so that I can change up a few things. We can’t have a boring Nana now can we?

    Your Nana and Jon had fun playing with you on Saturday. Think you can sneak out of the house and come play with us again soon? It will be our little secret from mama and da. What do you think?

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