Monthly Archives: August 2004


tonight i am much better, thanks. i think i am over the worst of my cold. even the doctor said so.

he did give me this grape stuff that is kinda icky, but i will put up with that for now.

the bulb

instead of salt water or anything now mj shoves this bulb up my nose and it goes schlurk and sucks out stuff.

it is no fun, but she keeps doing it even though i keep telling her loudly that it is no fun.

salt water up the nose

it is bad enough that i can’t lie down without being all stuffed up in my nose. now mj squirted a bunch of salt water up my nose./

i really really need a nap.


i haven’t been posting much because i have been sick and that is no fun. every time i lie down it’s wheeze wheeze snot snot snot and it’s really gross. i can hardly stand myself.

this is all haley’s fault. she was sick when she came over this week and she totally gave me whatever this crud is.

i feel bad. i’m going to go nap some. where’s my blanket.7

very busy

mj and bg are totally overscheduling me. tuesday was preschool and wednesday was playgroup and we were supposed to go to church wednesday night, but i grumped about that until mj agreed to stay home.

and this morning she wouldn’t let me feed myself. i grabbed the spoon but she wouldn’t let me have it.

when am i supposed to have time to just be me with all of these activities.7

playgroup fun

yesterday we all got together for a big party. will was there and mackenzie was there and haley was there and isabelle was there and several other people i did not know. everyone was crawling around and walking around.

everyone except for me that is. this being stuck in one place is no fun. it made me a little grumpy.

but haley has really good toys and that always makes me feel better.

even better

you know what is even better than being able to sit up.7 being able to pull myself up by my crib bars.

sit on this

today i realized that i am sitting up by myself without having really any support. sometimes i get tired and tump over but mostly i am sitting great./

it is much less frustrating to be able to sit instead of having to lie down and look up all of the time.

okay it really is a dinosaur

people figured out that my costume was a dinosaur. i tried to be sneaky about it and mislead everyone./

but since people know, here are some pictures of me trying out my costume.

bg took the pictures so if they are overexposed or anything it is his fault.