tonight i am much better, thanks. i think i am over the worst of my cold. even the doctor said so.

he did give me this grape stuff that is kinda icky, but i will put up with that for now.

4 thoughts on “better

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better, but take it from me: The grape stuff is approximately a million times better than the thick pink stuff they give you sometimes. When you taste that, you’ll be begging to go back to grape.

  2. mj told me earlier that you were better.

    But isn’t it past your bedtime, young man?

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I know it stinks being sick, but the icky medicine helps you feel better. It gets worse when you get older, so enjoy the grape medicine while you can.

    – Aunt Kitty Kat

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