Monthly Archives: December 2013

Week 41 of Making Something Every Day

Wow! Check the numbering on the days of this week! I have a quality education from an Arkansas school. I’ll just chalk it up to being a bit out of it this week while I try to reacclimate to the real world…

Let’s see if I remember how to do this. Day 280: Fly free. Oversize greeting card.
Day 280

Day 281: Imagine ATC.
Day 281

Day 281: Cherish these days postcard.
day 281b

Day 282: Feeling inspirational today. “You can do this. Don’t stop.”
Day 282

Day 284: Missing Nepal ATC.
Day 284

Day 285: Kissing under the Umbrella. A towel from
Day 285

Day 286: something in progress.
day 286

Week 40 of Making Something Every Day

This week in art feels like it happened a million years ago. Or, at least, a month ago. Still trying to play catch up and get my Nepal photos sorted. I’ll do a post with those photos soonish.

Day 273: Nepal journal.
Day 273

Day 274: Shawl Nepal project prep.
Day 274

Day 275: Pumpkin cake with cinnamon maple cream cheese frosting.
Day 275

Day 276: Putting together my Nepal art kit.
day 276

Day 277: Dog, hat/doily crochet, and confusing pattern on the iPad for the thing that is either a hat or doily.
Day 277

Day 278: finished hat for Nepal friend. (Posted a day late.)
day 278

Day 279: A shawl/scarf for another Nepal friend.
day 279