playgroup fun

yesterday we all got together for a big party. will was there and mackenzie was there and haley was there and isabelle was there and several other people i did not know. everyone was crawling around and walking around.

everyone except for me that is. this being stuck in one place is no fun. it made me a little grumpy.

but haley has really good toys and that always makes me feel better.

4 thoughts on “playgroup fun

  1. Dear grumpybutt:

    Soon, you will go into motion. Then bg will remember the joys of Newton’s First Law.

  2. Hey, Eli! I was glad I got to see you this weekend. It was fun watching you play and sit up. I was tempted to take you with me, but you would not have enjoyed 10 hours in the car.
    See ya soon!

    Auntie LB

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