2014 Weeks 6 & 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 36: Working in carline.
day 36

Day 37: working on a new book that’s all my own stuff. So much fun.
day 37

Day 38: reading a friend’s book and have all these interesting images floating around in my head.
day 38

Day 39: best of the prints I made today.
day 39

Day 40: Finished the Oswin shawl. Unblocked on the left. Blocked on the right.
day 40

Day 41: Look! The project I’m about to start is in my favorite colors!
day 41

Day 42: Added some things in my new book including the butterfly that Liza told me to “Put in your book, Mom!”
day 42

Day 43: parts for a bigger project.
day 43

Day 44: Cut out bottles and checking out antiquing inks.
day 44

Day 45: Today’s printing mess.
day 45

Day 46: Did some paper sorting for a new project.
day 46

Day 47: Making a little Water Glass book.
day 47

Day 48: first page of tiny water book.
day 48

Day 49: page inside the water book.
day 49