2014 Weeks 4 & 5 of Making Something Every Day

Day 22: Finished gloves going out to my friend, Jeanette.
day 22

Day 23: More dishcloths.
day 23

Day 24: Page in the book said to collage things I see everyday. I used yarn labels. (In progress.)
day 24

Day 25: This makes me laugh every time.
day 25

Day 26: Instructions – Draw shapes you see. Keep filling in. Add words. Keep adding until the page is full.
day 26

Day 27: Winding all my new Christmas yarn. So fun to consider all the possibilities!
day 27

Day 28: Memories of childhood in my “Art, Doodle, Love” journal.
day 28

Day 29: If Liza & I could commune the rest of our lives with a pile of art supplies, that’d be a pretty good life.
day 29

Day 30: Instructions on page: Write fears, worries, & missed expectations, then cover it with good. In progress.
day 30

Day 31: How do I combat the worries & disappointments in life? Participate in something bigger than me & my problems.
day 31

Day 32: Worked on a prayer notebook for the kids to use.
day 32

Day 33: In the Saturday class, we got these wooden boxes to use as prayer boxes. I added stuff on top.
day 33

Day 34: Struggling this week because of a cold. Managed to make some envelopes with a new template I got for Xmas.
day 34

Day 35: Got yarn for 2 new projects yesterday. This yellow for a shawl. (Posted a day late.)
day 35

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