2014 Weeks 2 & 3 of Making Something Every Day

Two weeks to view this post!

Day 8: Curly pages. Boo.
day 8
These pages aren’t made for paint. I’ll just have to mash it flat between working in it.

Day 9: Finished cowl for @Sargent and now to the picking out a manly button stage.
day 9
He loves it!

Day 10: Church. In my Art, Doodle, Love journal.
day 10
This pleases me in a way I can’t quite express.

Day 11: Orange stripe postcard.
day 11
Fun with scraps!

Day 12: Started some fingerless gloves. (Posted a day late.)
day 12
These are for my friend, Becky.

Day 13: Lots of unhappy accidents adding up to something pretty good. Postcard.
day 13
This was a disaster from start to almost the end. I put the stencil down and sprayed it with that brown as a joke, my attempt to completely ruin it. I lifted up the stencil and it was magic. I was so excited!

Day 14: Doodle Germ Faces. I’ve started a weekly project with my nephew. We trade pages from our doodle books.
day 14
Sam texts me his work. Usually on Saturday. And sometimes I get video of him narrating his creations. This past week in our text exchange he said that he wasn’t ever finished with his pieces. I’ll be interested to ask him that question in 5 years.

Day 15: Today. In “Art, Doodle, Love” journal. Took WAY longer than 20 mins today. Having too much fun!
day 15
This was so much fun just to play and play and play.

Day 16: Small part of a 7 day spread.
day 16
Don’t know how I feel about these little blocks yet. I did another day later and it wasn’t fit to post! Ugh!

Day 17: Flower power in the “Art, Love, Doodle” journal.
day 17
Love these black lines for some reason.

Day 18: Made Oobleck and Gak today with the kids. So sticky.
day 18
We had fun making a total mess in the kitchen. It was even kinda educational. Stephen came and started telling us about Non-Newtonian fluids.

Day 19: Finished gloves. Whatcha think @teamwinks?
day 19
Love the light in this photo.

Day 20: Fingerless gloves. Lots of crochet over the next few days as I work on The Water Glass stuff.
day 20
Someone offered to pay me actual money to make a pair of these!

Day 21: 3 dishcloths for The Water Glass sale at the Global Women Summit. Only 20 or so more to go.
day 21
I love the times when I make dishcloths for 2 weeks. It’s fun picking out the patterns and I can make 3-5 in a day. So satisfying!

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