something is up

i see that none of you care about the biting on me even though it is not good and you don’t know what diseases that kid has, i might turn into a were-baby or something.

anyway even though you do not care i will tell you that there is something suspicious going on at home. there is like new stuff in the laundry room that flashes and looks toy like and i have never seen it before and the other day i saw all of these extra paper plates mj bought. they have elmo on them and everything.

are we electing another president or something.7 because there was a big party here last time that happened. i hope elmo wins.

11 thoughts on “something is up

  1. You’ll find that adults often ignore unpleasantness, particularly when there’s nothing good to say (which is hte case here, since you’re OK). I suppose everyone will know for sure in 4 days when the full moon comes. At least the other kid hadn’t sharpened his teeth!

    Papa Ray

  2. Eli, I didn’t write about you getting bit because it made me so sad. I am glad it didn’t hurt you too badly. If you are having a big party at your house, I am coming!. I am also bringing you a big package; bigger than you are. I can’t tell you what it is because it is a secret. So don’t tell MJ and BG that I am bringing it, OK?
    Mama Ray

  3. i think he was helped that he chose oscar the grouch as his vice president because then he looked all young and vigorous yet oscar brought needed age and experience to the ticket.

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