why are they unhappy.7

i think mj and bg are mad with me for some reason. they made me stay up late last night and then this morning when i woke up at my usual time bg stumbled in and he didn’t talk to me or sing me a morning song or anything. it was light outside and everything. i don’t know what i did to make them mad. i was even cute for everyone when they came over last night to see my in my dinosaur costume which you may remember from way back, except it is totally too hot to wear for long.

11 thoughts on “why are they unhappy.7

  1. I can’t imagine why bg and mj are unhappy; they are such nice folks. Just remember, you can always come stay with me and Katie! If you did that, you’d have another fan: my mom. She’s wanted to meet you for a long time and has seen many cute photos of you. I’ve told her how great you are.


  2. Also, just so you know: I am moving. There’s a big green box in my yard and more boxes and bubble wrap than I’ve ever seen in one place before in my garage and there are people that are going to pack up my stuff and take it to my new house for me. What this all means is that if something happens this week, like last week when you were sick, and I don’t comment, it’s not ’cause I don’t care. Just know that.

    Have a good first part of November!!

  3. I am. Yes, wow. I am moving to a place called Skagway, Alaska which is on the Inside Passage right on the border with Canada (eh?) and it is the most visited park in Alaska so I should be pretty busy next summer. I think the big green box will hold it all, yeah; I’m not worried. All my stuff’ll be packed this week and I’ll be in Skagway by Friday and can probably read your posts again and all that (I will try to read them even while moving!) but my stuff is going into storage and I won’t see any of it until March. I’m going to go traveling this winter instead, to the land of the Britons.

  4. Weird. I don’t know how that icon got in there. It’s my new pretty poetic nature icon, but I didn’t think that I’d chosen it just now. I’m not trying to be pretentious in your journal. Honest.

  5. It was some kooky time thing, chief. Don’t worry. The grumpiness goes away in a couple of days.

    Hey, everyone will be coming to see you tonight. Just so you know, you can’t have any of what I’m drinking. Just understand that. Not even a sippie cup, man.

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