good days

i have had a good couple of days even though i got a little cranky the other day because i did not sleep much although i still do not need naps. on tuesday night everyone came to see me and i got to stomp around and go bbbbbb. some of my fans walked me around the room and that was fun. today was playgroup. and it has been nice weather getting a little cooler. the best part of it getting cooler is now mj puts these chew toys on my feet. i mean they are really socks but the best part of socks is they are like chew toys i can carry around easily without my hands.

i hope everyone else’s days this week have been as good./

8 thoughts on “good days

  1. Eli, I am planning on visiting you next week. How cold is it there? I’d like to know, so I can bring the chew toys for MY feet (if it is cold enough).

  2. Chew-toy socks are good, but remember that not everyone thinks the same way you do, and some may look at you oddly–particularly if you choose to put THEIR socks to the same use. Sometimes you can ignore those looks; this is one time you’ll pay a price if you do.

    Papa Ray

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