pants blowout

so i have these pants that i got and they are sort of a brown color and have snaps on them. but the snaps at the bottom won’t stay snapped so i kept having pants blowouts. all of the snaps except the one at the very bottom around my ankles would come unsnapped and then i’m all like hello diaper./ this even happened at church so i don’t know if they will let me come back or not.

one of my fans is here. i think she is staying here because bg is going somewhere. i saw the suitcase. i won’t quite fit in the suitcase unless i get rid of all of bg’s clothes so i guess i will stay here with my fan.

6 thoughts on “pants blowout

  1. Eli, I hope you have a great time with your visiting fan. Next time bg goes out of town, I am going to come stay with you and mj. I am missing not being there this time but I know you will have fun with your fan.
    Mama Ray

  2. I’m sorry that you won’t fit in bg’s suitcase, because then you could come and see me out in Arizona. Oh well. Tell bg that next time he needs to bring you with him!

    – Kat

  3. Clearly, bg needs to travel with a large duffel bag. You can easily fit in one of those whenever he goes to all those fun places without you.

  4. ACK! I’m such a horrible Over The Rhine fan. I missed my opportunity to tell Eli to sing, “Whatcha doin’ with a suitcase …”


    Same people did the Poopsmith Song.


  5. I just listened to the Poopsmith song and it seems very appropriate for Eli, maybe around the potty training time.


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