digging in the dirt

yesterday i watched bg dig a bunch of holes in our yard to plant things. it turns out our yard is like 3/4 rocks and 1/4 big rocks. bg kept pulling all of these rocks out of the holes. he got very tired and sweaty.

the trees were a lot of fun. i got to pet one. here is a picture of me petting one.

the leaves felt funny.

5 thoughts on “digging in the dirt

  1. BG used to pet trees too, especially the sentinel at the hall’s end. Soon you’ll be able to help BG dig holes in the yard, throw dirt and rocks (OK, mostly rocks) around, and if you’re very, very lucky, you can go inside covered with red dirt. BG & MJ will tell you not to get dirty doing that; they’re just trying to spoil your fun, so ignore them!
    Nothing’s more fun!
    Papa Ray

  2. You know, one day, you are going to look at those trees and think, “Wow, they are huge! They used to be only a bit taller than me!” Enjoy petting them now while you can.

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