peas are tasty but bad for me

mj and bg gave me peas for lunch yesterday. they were pretty tasty, and i ate all of them, but once i’d eaten them they felt strange in my tummy. and then i ended up spitting them up./ but not all at once. instead i kept spitting up a bit of them about every hour.

the worst part was i was doing this when bg and mj had a bunch of their noisy friends over yesterday afternoon. everyone was talking and laughing and suddenly brr-eurp i had peas all over me. yuck. i was so embarassed.

4 thoughts on “peas are tasty but bad for me

  1. Wonderful subject line. I am sorry to hear about your pea dilemma, as the peas and I are pretty good friends.

    Anyway, I was just curious if you plan to be angry at your dad when you grow up ’cause of this journal. Also, how old are you now?

  2. The grown-ups usually think it’s cute when you spit up, as long as you’re not being held by one of them. Play it up.

  3. maybe it was something other than just the peas making me spit up. i’ll have to try them again. mj hates peas, though, so i don’t know if she’ll ever have them around again after this.

    how old am i in months? i’m this many: 5

  4. Were we loud? Sorry.

    I still say we need to noise-proof your door, Eli. I’ve been thinking about how to do it.

    Uncle Geof

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