Monthly Archives: July 2004

i like napping with blankets

i think i have a love/hate relationship with napping. on the one hand, naps are good. on the other hand, when i nap i miss things. on the other other hand [or maybe the one foot] i haven’t been napping well in my bed during the day because there is no snuzzling going on.

well, lately […]

hot hot hot

mj and i just tried to take a walk but it was hot./ and not the good kind of hot when i’m asleep on someone and get all snuzzly warm, but the nasty kind of hot that makes you want to be someplace not hot.

stand by myself (almost)

all of that exercise has been paying off. today i was sitting with mj holding my arms, and then i was able to push up and stand by myself./

[okay mj had my arms but it was almost like i was standing by myself.]

peas are tasty but bad for me

mj and bg gave me peas for lunch yesterday. they were pretty tasty, and i ate all of them, but once i’d eaten them they felt strange in my tummy. and then i ended up spitting them up./ but not all at once. instead i kept spitting up a bit of them about every hour.

the […]

my future scares me

i had two good naps today. naps make everything better. i think everyone would get along if only they napped.

bg was home when i woke up from my second nap. then he went outside and cut the grass. he was gone a long time, and when he came back in he was very sweaty.

he fed […]


the only way i’m going to get this soft pudgy body into shape is to exercise. i’ve been working on my hand coordination. right now i can’t grab things extremely well, so i’m trying to grab everything and anything i get moved close to. mj and bg seem to like this. just this morning i […]

going out again

we went out again. what gives.7 [that’s a question mark, by the way.] it’s like mj and bg [it’s too much work to type all of that out. do you know how long it takes to type when you only press one key at a time with your whole hand.7] have decided that now i […]

i slept a lot

i slept until 8 this morning./ it must have been all of the activity yesterday. i did get up at 4, just to keep the milk jug in practice. okay, okay, i was a little hungry, too.

but 8./ that’s very late for me. i’m not normally so lazy.

we went out./

here i went and said how bath giver and the milk jug never take me anywhere, and they dragged me off tonight instead of bathing me and feeding me and letting me sleep like i’m supposed to./ the day was pretty good, although i kept having to take naps in the crib instead of on […]

finally online

it’s about time. i’ve now got my own journal here. and i’m not yet six months old./

that last ./ thing is an exclamation mark, by the way. i don’t yet have enough coordination to hold down shift with one hand while i type with the other.

anyway, i’m eli. i’m being held prisoner by these two […]