my new ride

i totally forgot to tell everyone that i have a new car seat./ my old car seat was getting all small and my feet were hanging off the end. i think it shrunk when mj washed it or something after i spit up on it. anyway, my new car seat is great. it’s like it’s the top of the line, like the baby bjorn of car seats. it’s big and reclines and has wings on the side. if it bounced up and down then it would be perfect. i like being bounced up and down.

hey, why don’t cars just bounce up and down.7 that would be neat.

9 thoughts on “my new ride

  1. Get mj or bg to drive you on a really bumpy road. It’s kind of far away, but I-55 south of memphis is really good for bouncing up and down!

  2. Does this one have drink holders? I’ve seen some that have those so that your bottle is close to you at all times.

  3. drink holders would be nice. what i’d really like is a place to put the dragon i chew on. right now i just put it on the car’s floorboards when i’m done with him.

    does anyone know why bg keeps calling my dragon ‘trogdor’.7

  4. I assume that bg is a fan of Trogdor the Burninator. Tell him that there are better dragons–like Smog, perhaps. The classics are the best!

    Papa Ray

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