back home again

we’re back home after the weekend. it was kinda fun, but i never really sleep well in a strange bed. i mean, it’s not a strange bed, it’s some portable bed mj and bg have, but it’s a strange place. plus i have to eat in the car and stuff like that. it was fun seeing everyone, though. and there was a dog./ why didn’t anyone tell me how much fun a dog could be.7 he licked my hand and it was so funny. then i put my hand in my mouth and it tasted strange.

3 thoughts on “back home again

  1. dogs can be lots of fun. they like to lick everything, including toes and hands. they can even sometimes be good for snuzzling. in fact, jon and i have two cute puppies who are always looking for someone to play with. i guess we just can’t keep up with them on the playing part…they have way more energy than we do. they love kids too. so anytime you want to play with puppies, you just tell mj and bg to bring you over to our house. besides, you and i already have a playdate, and we’ll have lots of puppy fun!!!


  2. Yes, doggies are fun! They lick a lot of stuff, and then they lick you, and then you lick you, and then you lick MJ or BG….come to think of it, you lick a lot of stuff too, don’t you? Hee hee, a whole lotta saliva swappin’ going on! (That’s probably how this whole baby thing got started!) Did you notice that doggies are fuzzy too? Did you feel his hair? And, they talk funny…did this one talk to you? AND, one of the coolest things – they walk on all fours…did he teach you how to do that? I heard MJ say once that you were going to have a doggie to play with someday! I’ll remind her soon!

    Angie from NC

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