ow stick

it was doctor visit today. i don’t remember going to the doctor before but mj and bg were talking like i had been before, so whatever. i got weighed and measured and i’m almost 18 pounds and 27 inches and that all seems to be in the middle of where babies are.

but then they stuck me./ in the leg./ no actually in both legs./ and it hurt the worst it’s ever hurt before in my life. that was so not fun. why must my life be one of pain and mushed up food.7

6 thoughts on “ow stick

  1. Alas, you will come to know more pain. This here leg stick pain, however, isn’t all that bad. You get totally coddled afterwards, because they KNOW and they FEEL GUILTY.

  2. Your current mood says STRESSED, and yet you use the Blissful Sleepy Baby Icon. I think you need an icon where you’re screaming and showing the world that one tooth, for all these posts of pain and misery.

    Also, Eshaan!

  3. that is a good point. i chose it because i slept a lot today after i got stuck. i’ll see if i can have more pictures or something.

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