Monthly Archives: September 2004

i do not need naps

i do not need naps. i am super in that way. i tried explaining this yesterday and shrieked a lot to get my point across but mj wasn’t buying it. maybe i’ll try explaining this again in a few days, but right now i’m tired.

brought to you by the letter t

so that’s how you make a ‘t’ sound./ i am starting to get the hang of this speaking thing.

meat on a stick

we just got back from this ribs place called rendezvous. it was loud, but not too loud because i got a little nap in. there were all of these ribs and they wouldn’t even give me one to gnaw on without the meat. i looked very sad at mama and papa ray but even […]

lots of boring art

yesterday mj and bg were putting things in suitcases and filling up the car and i wondered what was going on. then i realized. they were sending me to a boarding school./ i read about this on the internet.

it turns out they weren’t sending me to boarding school after all. we’re in memphis to see […]

my new invention

i have invented a new sound. i put my tongue against the roof of my mouth and then i pop it down with a ‘tick’ sound. i call it the tongue tick.

now that i have invented something i understand i am supposed to patent it and then i will be making money. this is what […]

snot snot go away

i am still snotty. i don’t feel bad or anything but it is annoying that i keep doing this thing where i sneeze and then it is like snotsplosion everywhere. that isn’t really annoying but then mj or bg swoop down and start wiping my face and that is no fun.

bucket of babies again

since most of you did not seem to care about the depraved bucket of babies i will not tell you how mj has gone on a rampage and now i have a box of wipes of babies.

bucket of babies

mj took this plastic bucket, filled it with toys, and put pictures of babies all over it. the bucket is fun, especially when i put it on my head, but i think it is not really truthful. when i look in the bucket with pictures of babies all over it do i see babies inside.7 […]

ew this tastes bad

the last few days have been okay, mostly relaxing after the aquarium trip, but there is this one thing that is icky. you know how i have had that cold, well, no one told me this stuff in my nose would go down my throat and make me cough a lot./ this is really gross […]

i am like tigger

i don’t know what was up with today but i felt like there was an alarm in my butt. every time it touched the ground it went off and was annoying and so i would grouch about this. fortunately mj and bg let me stand a bunch.