Monthly Archives: October 2004

digging in the dirt

yesterday i watched bg dig a bunch of holes in our yard to plant things. it turns out our yard is like 3/4 rocks and 1/4 big rocks. bg kept pulling all of these rocks out of the holes. he got very tired and sweaty.

the trees were a lot of fun. i got to pet […]


why didn’t anyone tell me you can like stick your tongue out and make noises with it./ this is the greatest discovery.

much better and these o’s are great

so i am much better no thanks to all of you people who did not seem to care if i had a fever or not so bleah on you.

anyway on to happier news. mj and bg give me these little o’s that i get to eat and they are totally baby caltrops, at least for […]

bad food and being sick

yesterday was not very good there at the end. for one thing bg has this jar of mixed vegetable stuff he keeps trying to feed me. he’s been feeding it to me for like three days. i make faces to let him know i don’t like it and eventually stop eating. but then next mealtime […]

our sponsors

today is brought to you by the phoenemes and ph. i’ll be glad when i can turn these into actual words instead of just stringing the sounds together and occasionally spitting out food while i do it.

driving home

the drive home after all of that excitement wasn’t very exciting. i watched the land be flat flat corn flat corn flat corn corn hills oh look now we are in tennessee where there are tiny mountains. and that is the story of my trip to cillinoics.

amish party

today that was last saturday was very busy. aj had had a quilt made from a nearby group of people called the amish. evidently they are different or something since mj and bg went and watched this film at a place called the illinois amish interpretive center. it makes it sound like the amish were […]


i am still very tired and it is bedtime but i had to stop my rememberance of things past to tell you that i went from lying down to sitting up on my own today. i know this sounds totally lame but it is like way harder than it sounds.

okay i will go sleep now.

sleepy recap of friday

i am very sleepy right now so this may not be as coherent as i would like it to be so i hope you are okay with that.

anyway this morning which is really last friday morning but whatever we went to a kindermusik class not taught by aj. it was taught by this woman who […]

apples and indian food and stamps

today we went to an orchard. [i didn’t really do this today it was last thursday but we are pretending that today is last thursday.] they had apples that we got to pick, though i stayed all bundled up in my stroller because the wind was very cold. there was this other toddler there i […]