Monthly Archives: November 2004

more sickness

now mj is sick. i swear my parents are like the sickliest people i know. mj is all cough and wheeze and not wanting to move much. good thing i was off at school today which was kinda fun but tiring and now i’m totally going to take a nap.

i am sorry i did not write

i am sorry i was going to write and all but this mouse chewed through bg’s computer cord and he stopped using it and missy law’s computer was way too high for me to reach so i could not write.

yes there was this mouse or maybe several mice and he ate some of our bread […]

trip down to the beach

we are now at the beach. the trip was long and there was a lot of rain so i slept through as much of it as i could.

the beach is fun. there is this whooshing noise all the time and the sea keeps turning over and over and it’s really cool. the only bad thing […]

sick and right before a trip too

i am now sick. i think i got a cold from bg and mj and i wish they had just kept it to themselves. this makes my nose runny and i get all sleepy but it is hard to sleep with the wheezing and the snoring.

it’s okay though because my fans came to visit. mama […]

thinking about dieting

i have been thinking about dieting after yesterday. i mean it is all well and good to say i am not gaining weight as fast as i would otherwise but i am still gaining weight. the doctor says i am fine but he does not have to deal with the fame that i have and […]

my new exercise

i have invented a new exercise routine i call the bounceTM. it is very important that you refer to it as the bounceTM because i am going to trademark it so no one can steal it from me. it is important enough that i am willing to use the caps lock key so i can […]


dadadadadadadadadadadada’s home./

pants blowout

so i have these pants that i got and they are sort of a brown color and have snaps on them. but the snaps at the bottom won’t stay snapped so i kept having pants blowouts. all of the snaps except the one at the very bottom around my ankles would come unsnapped and then […]

good days

i have had a good couple of days even though i got a little cranky the other day because i did not sleep much although i still do not need naps. on tuesday night everyone came to see me and i got to stomp around and go bbbbbb. some of my fans walked me around […]

why are they unhappy.7

i think mj and bg are mad with me for some reason. they made me stay up late last night and then this morning when i woke up at my usual time bg stumbled in and he didn’t talk to me or sing me a morning song or anything. it was light outside and everything. […]