Monthly Archives: December 2004

one step at a time and then one fall

this walking by yourself thing is hard. i can kinda take a couple of steps by myself but occasionally i trip over my socks or something and down i go. i don’t like that.

favorite presents

people have been asking me about my favorite presents and i have been giving it a lot of thought and i think i have decided that it is anything i can chew on.

also mj went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine so hopefully she will sleep better because she has been all loud […]

christmas is full of fans

i have not been posting here lately because first of all christmas is very busy and second of all we have been traveling to arkansas. we went to arkansas because grandparents are there and you know what that means.


like today there were seventeen people in one house and they were all picking me up […]

ok christmas can all stop now

this christmas thing is all busy and i don’t know what that’s about. saturday night we had another christmas party only this time bg and mj didn’t get all dressed up. it was at one of my fan’s houses and there was pool playing and darts throwing and talking and eating. i stayed up way […]

bounce theme music

so you may remember the bounceTM but if you do not go read about it again and then come back once you have memorized it or something.

anyway i was thinking that any good exercise program needs like theme music and then i figured out what my theme music should be for this and that is […]

christmas party thing

we went to another party only this one was for christmas and it was all dressed up and everything. bg had on this tie and mj dressed up too and there was like only one other baby, baby emma, you know, i went and saw her a buncha months ago when she was just born, […]

loud restaurant with a placemat and a muffin and dirty floors that i did not get to crawl on

we went to this restaurant tonight that was all fun and loud and i totally had a good time. i was on the end of the table because i am always on the end but i never have to pick up the check. anyway mj brought this placemat that was all stuck to the table […]

blah snot

so mj got sick again because she is weak and has probably passed bad genetics on to me, woe is me, and then bg got sick because he too is weak and i might as well pick out the convalescent home where i will spend the rest of my days wheezing in an iron lung […]

birthday party

i went to another birthday party. it is like everyone i know is having a birthday. this is the third one. this one was for my friend will. i would say hi to will but i do not think he reads this journal. he’s smart and all but he is not very interested in technology […]