Monthly Archives: January 2005

dadadada home

so dadadada is home.

he didn’t bring me anything.

picture time

mamamamama and mumsy took me to have my picture taken this week at the target store, it was hard because i was so tired, but there were fans and everyone was paying me attention so i did my best. i have been busy and do not need naps, but that does make me a little […]

i am still unsure about this party that may be happening

there are other signs of a party but i have not been able to find out more even though i have been listening hard. but that is okay because mumsy is here this weekend and we are having our own party.

something is up

i see that none of you care about the biting on me even though it is not good and you don’t know what diseases that kid has, i might turn into a were-baby or something.

anyway even though you do not care i will tell you that there is something suspicious going on at home. there […]

teeth were not meant for that

i have not posted for a while because livejournal was down and that made me sad. but the weekend was pretty good anyway.

i did run into a thing today where i was playing with this like two year old or something, and i did my fake eating thing. this is where i open my mouth […]

this walking thing is hard

so i am working harder at walking and now i can totally toddle around the house from room to room unless i have to turn fast, that doesn’t work so well. but no one told me how much work this would be./ i think i need a nap.

best toy ever

i have a new best toy ever and it is the piano.

feeling better

i am still kinda coughy but not too much so the new medicine must be helping. the doctor did not stick me so yay on that. i do not really feel bad at all.

an apple a day doesn’t do anything

not that i’m eating apples or anything, really, banananas are a lot more tasty. anyway, i’m still all coughing and whatnot so mj got me a doctor’s appointment today. i hope they don’t stick me with a needle.

still kinda sick but not so bad

my cold is better even though i still cough a lot and last night i kept waking up and that is no fun. i like it better when i sleep longer because it is less tiring.