Monthly Archives: February 2005

climbing here and there

i have learned how to climb and let me tell you that it is a lot of fun because then i can throw my climbing foot up on the footstool and then follow that climbing foot and from there the couch and eventually the world.

this is nice which is good since otherwise my days have […]

balloons all gone

my balloons from my birthday party are all dying so mamamama and dadadada cut them down and then for a little while they talked really funny.

shots in both thighs

yesterday i got to get the shots the doctor didn’t give me the other day because i was all sick and stuff last week. i got like three shots, two in one leg and one in the other, and they hurt but i am not a little baby any more i am one so i […]

juicy juice

yesterday i was all thirsty and i tried to tell mamamama this but she kept trying to give me water or milk and i was all what is this.7 when you are thirsty you do not want water or milk you want juice.

To Elijah on His First Birthday

It’s actually a little past your first birthday, but it’s been a busy time here lately. Your birthday party was a lot of fun, with some twenty-five people in attendence. Four of them were even close to your age. Your grandparents visited over three weekends. You were surrounded by fans.

I’m amazed by all that’s happened […]

benefits to being sick

so it is not all bad being sick i had fans asking after me and that was nice, and all yesterday nanny came by, her real name is ashley but she is like a nanny and it was cool. i was so happy that i did not throw up on her, not once. besides, dadadada […]

ow stick

i was so disgusted with the situation that i forgot to say that i went to the doctor today for my one year checkup and he was all ‘your head size is good’ and ‘your length is great’ and ‘look at you walking around aren’t you cute’ and then he sends in one of his […]

no fair i am being oppressed

dadadada won’t let me have more than like a sip of water or baby gatorade at a time. and just because i threw up like four times last night.

okay, five.

maybe six. but that last time was tiny.

and to make it worse now mamamama has it too and is all mopey and sick and blah. so […]

whoopsy daisy

i came home from school this afternoon and i was all wondering if we were going to wash the cars again because that was so fun but we did not, i guess it is one of those things that you only do every once in a while because it is so much fun.

but late this […]

splish splash

we just got in from washing the cars and that was a lot of fun, i had never seen that happen before. it was all whoosh with water being sprayed and a bucket of foam that i got to splash in and i picked up one of the washing brushes but it was very big, […]